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Characters That Made My Year – Lucius (The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Two)

December 15, 2012


These posts will probably all be extremely short, but hey, at least it’s a post!  On this second day of Christmas I offer you a connoisseur of bathing – Lucius from Thermae Romae!


Thermae Romae was one of those gems you get every now and then.  It had the simplest plotline in the world, but each episode made me happy – main reason being Lucius himself.  Despite being animated in incredibly basic flash, Lucius’ facial expressions and voice acting made him very endearing and hilarious to watch.  Lucius; King of bath-houses and reaction faces, much love to you.

Every episode had a golden Lucius moment, but I think I enjoyed the episode where Lucius discovered the wonders of the modern Japanese toilet, with all its numerous functions &U buttons.  So many wonderful reactions in such a short space of time!  If you haven’t had a look at Thermae Romae yet, I highly recommend you do so – it’s very short and very amusing.


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