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Characters That Made My Year – Gilgamesh AKA Archer (The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Five)

December 18, 2012


I think it is time I brought some more Fabulous to this series of posts, god only knows I have a massive weakness for the Fabulous!  Today let us salute the blingtastic Gilgamesh of Fate/Zero S2!


Fate/Zero was an odd show.  Underneath the gorgeous ufotable animation, great soundtrack and star studded cast lay a rather dry and boring plot filled with long meandering conversations with little to no purpose.  The best characters in the first season were the Rider & waver combo, but in season two it was Gilgamesh that kept my attention.

Through sheer force of Fabulousness, Gil saved the show from Kiritsugu’s relentlessly dull personal pity party. Of course the fact that any conversations Gil had with Kirei felt like sexually charged foreplay helped quite a lot in making Gil a favourite of mine.  In fact any conversation that Gil had seemed laden with innuendo and bubbling sexual tension – it was just part of what the character so fecking intriguing!  Gil never failed to bring his particular brand of condescension and glided self-assurance to any situation, be that draping himself over a chair with a glass of wine, or zooming through the air on his own personal golden fighter jet.

The moment I have selected as my favourite Gil moment (and there were lots to choose from) was probably that moment right at the end of the series, where after the Grail war is over we see Gil casually sitting, cross-legged & buck naked, on a pile of rubble like it was a throne.  Even without all his golden trappings, Gil rocked that rubble like a true king – what an awesomely fabulous character!nakedgil

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  1. A Day Without Me permalink
    December 18, 2012 12:15 pm

    Also, that moment totally proved that Kirei was hot for Archer – the Grail granted his wish for a naked Gilgamesh

  2. Fadeway permalink
    December 18, 2012 6:34 pm

    While I disagree with your appraisal of Kirei (his prototype is Araya Sohren, merely that makes him badass beyond measure!), the fabulousness of Gil is undeniable.

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