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Characters That Made Year – Andy W. Hol (The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Seven)

December 20, 2012


Bit late today – siblings took possession of my laptop.  Anyway today we remember holes & bros with Andy W. Hol from Aquarion EVOL!


Another hugely memorable and enjoyable show from the past year was Aquarion EVOL.  An unholy combination of pure cheese and sexual innuendo, it was a work of genius.  By no means was Aquarion brilliantly written, nor did it always make the most sense… fact it made no sense; but my god was it ever fun to watch.  My favourite character ended up being (rather predictably really) Andy W. Hol.   Andy was easily the most likeable character in the show.  Aside from his awesome name and the fact he was a true bro to all, Andy always makes sure to live life to fullest.  You couldn’t help but cheer the fella on as he attempted to romance the androphobic Mix – their story was just much more endearing than the romance of the main characters.

There were so many brilliant moments for Andy, but I one that particularly stands out is when Andy finally decided to confess to Mix……but got rather flustered and came out with “I want to fill your hole!”…..and then somehow became responsible for the ever memorable ‘banana-hot-spring-mecha’ moment.  Genius.


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