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Characters That Made My Year – Chihaya Ayase (The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Eight)

December 21, 2012


Strange how close it’s getting to Christmas yet I still don’t feel all that festive – must be all this unnatural sunlight Australia has…..Well, today lets have fun with card games with Chihaya Ayase from Chihayafuru!


Chihayafuru was an oddly captivating show.  Karuta isn’t the most exciting or gripping of card games, being based on ancient Japanese poetry as it is, but somehow this show made it incredibly interesting through its portrayal of Chihaya’s boundless enthusiasm and energy.  Generally female characters have a tough time making it into my favourites list – they need to be more than just ‘nice’ and ‘cute’, they have to have something extra, a strength of character that makes them memorable, and Chihaya had that for me.  She was irritatingly oblivious to her effect on the male sides of the triangle, but even though that usually annoys me to no end, I forgave Chihaya that just because she was so likeable.

Chihaya’s upbeat, determined attitude was probably best seen at the start of the series when she is busy trying to establish and recruit people for her karuta club.  I enjoyed seeing her harass Nishida constantly at his tennis club until he joined – there’s just something fun about seeing a girl in full on genki stalker mode.


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