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Characters That Made My Year – Ouma Shuu & Popee the Clown (The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Twelve)

December 25, 2012


Now I normally pick characters who I really liked over the past year, but to cap this series of posts off this year, I’ve picked two characters that made 2012 memorable for me – for all the wrong reasons!  Behold my terrible twosome; Ouma Shuu from Guilty Crown & Popee from Popee the Performer.


This year brought us a truly memorable noitaminA show in the form of Guilty Crown.  Never before have we seen such a hyped show full of amazing potential, trainwreck quite so horribly….it was kind of glorious!  The central figure in all this carnage was Ouma Shuu, the much ridiculed and utterly inept male lead, who swung from snivelling blandness, to Hitler wannabe, to Holy Saviour of the World without developing much of a personality in between.

OH MA SHOE!’s best/worst/most memorably ridiculous moment (and my god was it ever difficult to choose just one – the entire series is just utterly ridiculous) was when Shuu suddenly came over all Hitler.  I mean it was difficult to accept Shoe as a protagonist to start with, but then suddenly expecting us to accept him as some sort of void Neo-Nazi was utterly laughable……which is why it was genius.  Ah Guilty Crown, you were an utter gem of show – watching this with SCCSAV was definitely one of my highlights of the year!


Another character that made my year memorable, for all the wrong reasons, was Popee the Clown.  Yes 2012 marked the year where the SCCSAV crowd bore witness to my complete mental breakdown when exposed to the horror that was Popee the Performer.  This show divided the Terribad group in two – those that cowered in terror from the pure nightmare fuel that was the show, and those that revelled in it, hailing it as unsung genius. I was in the traumatised group – and we are right, Popee is wrong! Oh so very, very wrong.  I wouldn’t wish that show on my worst enemy.

I only watched a handful of episodes, and they are all special and utterly horrifying in their own ways, but I think the episode where Popee goes on a rampage and ends up destroying the sun was kind of particularly mind melting.  Popee is certainly something I’ll never forget – he will haunt my nightmares for years to come!


And that’s that for another year!  I hope each and every one of you have a very special and fantastic Christmas, where ever you are!  And now I am going to try and force some normalcy in this strange boiling hot Australian Christmas by filling the house with the smells of roasting meat.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. December 25, 2012 1:23 pm

    One is a maniacal clown that routinely defies physics and logic, endangers the world, and warps reality and sanity itself to his own bidding. The other has an elephant-car.

  2. December 27, 2012 10:21 pm

    Oh Ma Shoe – Never Change.

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