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Autumn 2013: First Impressions – Meganebu! & Walkure Romanze

October 7, 2013

autumnanimeOkay time for equal opportunity shallow fanservice shows – Meganebu! & Walkure Romanze.


You know I went into this fully expecting fluffy nonsense, so I was legitimately surprised to find that this was actually pretty damn funny!  I mean the concept is a shallow as you can get, but the boys in the show are actual idiots for whom the entire world revolves around glasses – but the quick-fire jokes mean that they never get irritating.  It’s overblown and ridiculous and loads of fun!  I’m not sure if the show will have the legs to run for an entire season like this though – I have the nagging feeling that this would have been much better off as shorts rather than full length episodes.

Having seen this directors previous independent work, I was prepared for the very creative and striking visual style she employs, but I was still struck by just how interesting this show looks on a purely visual level.  The bold, bright colours, textures, pattern overlays and awesome camera angles all make Meganebu really striking and fun looking.  Studio Deen really have been putting work into their visuals lately – Meganebu looks like something in the vein of early Silver Link and Shinbo/SHAFT, and it is a style I really like.  Also have to mention the backgound music – that guy who sings the eyecatch “ME GA NE BUUU~!!” bit is awesome.

So yeah I am really pleased with Meganebu – I was always going to watch it, but I’m really pleased it turned out to be actually pretty good!!

Walkure Romanze

Somehow this ended up being worse than I was expecting…..which is an achievement I suppose.  I mean it is utterly bland in every conceivable way, but then they threw in this mental horse with a fetish for eating teenage girls skirts…..which was strange.  Okay fine you needed to get in the required number of panty shots, but was the horse with the rape face really necessary!?  The lead male may as well be crafted from polystyrene for all the emotion and personality he displays – even when he already has 3 girls lusting after him in this episode alone.  The fella seems much more interested in the horses than any of the girls – although given how brain dead the women appear I can’t really blame him.

The production values are also rubbish, for how much this world setting seems to revolve around jousting and horses, they horses are rather poorly animated for the most part.  The character designs bug me and the whole show just feels lazy and generic.  It was a struggle to finish the episode – definitely dropped.

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  1. October 8, 2013 5:53 pm

    I’m undecided on Meganebu! – I found the first episode hilarious, but the animation style didn’t really appeal to me. I’ll pick it up if I have space near the end of the season.

    I actually found Walkure Romanze better than I was expecting… but still dropped it, as no matter how different the setting, it still had all the hallmarks of a generic harem show.

    • October 8, 2013 6:39 pm

      The stylistic animation in Meganebu is what sold me on the show – elevates what should be barrel-scraping comedy fluff into something visually exciting and interesting to watch.
      Walkure Romanze could have been a lot worse, but yeah it looks set to wander down that well worn path to generic harem.

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