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Kyousogiga TV – 03

October 31, 2013

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 03 [D089A825].mkv_snapshot_14.53_[2013.10.31_11.35.45]Well I’m late, but I’ve had a ridiculously busy week so I’m allowed!

Anyway episode three continues Kyousogiga’s exploration of the backstories of the main cast, this time it is turn of the eldest of the Council of Three siblings – the strange little Kurama with his team of scientists.

I’m enjoying how Kyousogiga is presenting itself – we get some serious introspection and character study in the first half of the episode, and then madcap entertainment in the second half when the focus switches to childlike, genius scientist Shouko and chaos incarnate Koto.  It demonstrates the two sides to Kyousogiga nicely – there is a plot here, but there is also plenty of randomness and fun.  I do wish that Koto would take centre stage a bit more though – for supposedly being the main character she has been rather sidelined so far, but at the same time I am pleased the show is taking the time to flesh out the characters properly before engaging the main storyline.

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 03 [D089A825].mkv_snapshot_01.56_[2013.10.31_11.32.27]

Anyway back to Kurama.  The Council of Three are essentially children with abandonment issues, but it is interesting to see how each of them deal with this.  Kurama basically falls back on his default setting of “eldest sibling” and makes an effort to be strong, calm and supportive for his much more emotional younger siblings.  I doubt that Kurama has ever really dealt with his abandonment issues since he seems the type to keep a tight reign on his emotions – I wonder how he will react if their parents show up again?

As the eldest Kurama has carved out his niche as the mediator and rational thinker of the three, providing a supportive rock for the others.  However that isn’t to say that Kurama is an emotional void – he clearly isn’t given his expression of jealousy towards Myoue, his boundless curiousity about the outside world and his incessant thirst for the approval of his father.  Once allowed free reign in the Mirror Capital Kurama’s creative impulses exploded – he shows a flair for inventions and boundless enthusiasm for science and exploration; it is little wonder he ends up heading the science team in the present day Mirror Capital.

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 03 [D089A825].mkv_snapshot_17.13_[2013.10.31_11.38.17]

Kurama does seem to be plotting something though, his questioning of Koto seems innocuous enough, but there is an edge to him that breeds suspicion.   His conversation with Shouko’s assistant suggests that while the Mirror Capital is meant to be a closed dimension, others have made it there before and Koto’s Shrine organisation isn’t an unknown entity to them as it seems Mr Assistant was a former operative for them.  Kurama seems hell-bent on breaking out of the Mirror Capital to explore the outside world – it is the same childish desire he had when isolated in the mountain temple – but now he has a whole team working towards the same goal.  It will be interesting to see if Kurama’s single-minded determination will put him at odds with his siblings and Koto in the future.

The rest of the episode was just a madcap chase scene following Shouko’s quest to reclaim her missing remote control/game system.  However it did serve to frame her personality well – a childlike genius with a quick temper but quicker mind – Shouko is probably a product of her surroundings.  The Mirror Capital is a place where nothing stays damaged for long, making it ideal for experimentation.  It seems like the ideal place for creative minds to grow since there doesn’t appear to be any limit to how things regenerate and there are plentiful resources – throw in the support of one of the leaders of the world and you have the ideal environment for a genius scientist to indulge all of their little quirks.  Will be interesting to see what Shouko’s analysis of Koto’s hammer throws up.

So Kyousogiga continues to impress with it’s strong direction, energy and interesting characters.  Next episode will be focusing on Yase who I can’t profess to have much interest in given her rather limited focus thus far – but we’ll see!


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