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Kyousogiga TV – 07

December 3, 2013

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 07 [DCA41BC7].mkv_snapshot_07.07_[2013.11.30_14.50.06]

God this show – how does it keep getting better!? Once again it struck me how meticulously planned Kyousogiga is – it has clearly been created to make optimal use of its running time. This episode demonstrates that perfectly, we get the lovely little character moments that this show excels at, and we also get the plot kicking into high gear with the arrival of both missing parents in the Mirror Capital and the subsequent upheaval they bring. I don’t think they could have improved on things here!

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 07 [DCA41BC7].mkv_snapshot_05.24_[2013.11.30_14.49.03]

First we have Lady Koto’s return and all the warmth that she brings with her. I liked the way the whole world seems to change whenever the parents set foot back in the Mirror Capital. For Lady Koto’s arrival the sun comes out, the skies become the bluest of blues and the people rejoice to see her back among them. In contrast when Inari/Myoue sets foot back in the Mirror Capital it is accompanied by darkness, upheaval and ultimately destruction….but more on Inari/Myoue’s reappearance later.

Lady Koto’s reunion with her children played out in the expected manner – Yase is the personification of childish clingy enthusiasm, Kurama is the sensible eldest child weathering the storm of excitement that follows in Koto’s wake and Myoue is the moody teenager who doesn’t want to show how much he missed his mother. I was rather surprised that all three initially call Lady Koto by name rather than ‘Mother’ given how they all referred to her as their mother in the past. I couldn’t help but wonder if that was a subtle admonishment for Lady Koto’s abandonment – that she would have to re-earn her status as ‘Mother’. But they seem to call her ‘Koto’ and ‘Mother’ almost interchangeably. Names have a lot of significance in Kyousogiga but it’s a subtle layer I don’t have enough knowledge to really explore properly.

Of all the scenes of Lady Koto reconnecting with her children, I loved the one with the young Koto best. There is just so much warmth in that short scene and Koto is clearly delighted to finally meet with her mother. There were also some interesting revelations in that scene, like the fact that Lady Koto originally mistook Koto for Inari/Myoue when they first met, which explains her rather confused “Koto?” upon hearing Koto’s exclamation of “Mama!” This raises the question of when was the last time Lady Koto and Inari/Myoue met – it must have been after whatever caused his appearance to change, since there is no question that the young Koto is like a mirror image of the man she calls her father. It is also revealed that the place where Lady Koto was sequestered while waiting for Inari/Myoue to return for her was a Shrine Sanctuary – although Koto admits that the exact nature of that place was information she wasn’t permitted access to. Once again I find myself very curious about this Shrine organisation that Koto & Inari/Myoue belong to – although seems we’ll be getting more information on them next week judging from the preview.

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 07 [DCA41BC7].mkv_snapshot_23.10_[2013.11.30_17.46.22]

In regards to the younger Koto, she certainly was put through an emotional wringer this week. Between her panic at being flung into some other dimension by Kurama, the elation at finally meeting her mother and the gut-wrenching anguish as all the demands placed on her become too much, she went through a full spectrum of emotions in just a single episode. I like how it is always Yakushimaru/Myoue that Koto turns to when she wants comfort – she clings to him when she returns with Lady Koto in tow in relief, and when she wants to vent after the heart-to-heart with Lady Koto (where she is once again asked for a difficult favour), Koto once again ends up with Yakushimaru/Myoue (I swear differentiating between these characters with the same names is getting irritating!!).

It is amusing since Yakushimaru/Myoue attempts to cultivate a cool, aloof and irritable persona, but Koto seems to recognise the caring nature he tries to hide. That doesn’t stop her from venting at him though; stating her jealousy that he has a past to get upset about, whereas she herself feels that only the future belongs to her. I like this dualism – the older three siblings are all trapped by their past and their memories of their parents, but Koto as the youngest only has their father, and it seems like he raised her more like a disciple than a daughter, and so she lacks the feeling of family that the others have.

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 07 [DCA41BC7].mkv_snapshot_19.15_[2013.11.30_17.44.15]

It is easy to forget that Koto is just a teenager seeking the warmth of a family, given how unflappable and capable she usually comes across. Koto usually takes everything in her stride, but constantly being asked for things and almost taken advantage of by the family she was so desperately searching for, it is easy to imagine her getting overwhelmed. Yakushimaru/Myoue for his part seems rather put out at what to do with an emotional teenage girl, but he does reach out to comfort her……only to be interrupted by the arrival of Daddy Dearest.

And so we come to the arrival of Inari/Myoue in the Mirror Capital, complete with ominous overtones and damn creepy music. It is remarkable how one rather unassuming looking man can create such an ominous, foreboding atmosphere around him simply with little touches like facial expression, exemplary voice acting, lighting and music. If I found the Monk Myoue of the past creepy, this Inari/Myoue of the present is heading towards all out antagonist. The look of pure shock and alarm on Yakushimaru/Myoue’s face really says it all.

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 07 [DCA41BC7].mkv_snapshot_19.59_[2013.11.30_17.44.28]

Inari/Myoue’s manner of comforting his daughter is also chillingly familiar, with that “you’ll get used to it” insensitivity it brings home that even if he looks much younger, this really is the same man who foisted immortality on the young Yakushimaru/Myoue. Inari/Myoue also breaks the news that the Mirror Capital is teetering on the brink of destruction with typical flippancy – he doesn’t hesitate to tell Koto that it is her fault for breaking the barrier. However it is interesting to note that even if the original drawing was damaged by Koto, the destruction doesn’t start until Inari/Myoue himself set foot in the Mirror Capital once again.

Lady Koto’s sudden revelation that her prophetic dreams weren’t pointing at herself being the herald of Mirror Capital’s doom, but rather at Inari/Myoue, and the fact that even Kurama sees their father as a harbinger of trouble all add to that feeling of wrongness that surrounds Inari/Myoue. It is really amazing how starkly different each parents homecoming were – Lady Koto’s warmth and joy contrast sharply with the ominous feelings and chaotic destruction Inari/Myoue brings with him. That being said the younger Koto reacts to both parents in the same manner – seeming immune to Inari/Myoue’s creepy vibes.

I love how Kyousogiga can keep producing episodes like this in quick succession – each week builds on the next in a triumph of pacing and storytelling. What an amazing show – can’t wait for episode 8!

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  1. December 4, 2013 5:33 pm

    Koto’s eyes after the first time she cries made me tear up. Not because it was an emotional moment, but because damn that looks painful.

    And is it really snowing in your blog, or am I seriously losing my mind?

    • December 4, 2013 6:34 pm

      Anime tears have got to be painful.

      Your eyes are not deceiving you, it is indeed snowing on the blog – wordpress have a seasonal plugin for that.

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