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Kyousogiga TV – 08

December 14, 2013

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 08 [9CA90A71].mkv_snapshot_10.39_[2013.12.08_14.38.33]I am quite determined to catch up this weekend, expect quite a few posts…..hopefully, I get distracted easily.

Okay, so episode 8 sees the Mirror Capital’s continued destruction in addition to a few more revelations about this worlds nature – interesting stuff!

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 08 [9CA90A71].mkv_snapshot_08.14_[2013.12.08_14.36.46]I had a feeling that the created siblings would be in trouble if the Mirror Capital continued to break down, but it was still heartwrenching to see Yase lose her memories.  That this happens to Yase rather than Kurama is especially sad given how much value Yase places on her memories – she is curator to a veritable museum of mementoes, but without her memories to give them meaning, they’re just objects.

The episode doesn’t dwell on Yase’s breakdown, but Lady Koto’s reaction to Inari’s indifferent attitude  once again highlights Lady Koto’s maternal warmth that contrasts sharply with Inari’s rather woeful parenting skills.  It is a miracle Koto turned out so well adjusted given her only parent was Inari – granted she has a penchant for wanton property destruction, but it could have been so much worse given Inari’s strange personality.  As it stands Lady Koto appears somewhat irritated by the way Inari raised Koto like a precious experiment, but Inari at least treats Koto with more care than he shows for Yase’s predicament.

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 08 [9CA90A71].mkv_snapshot_17.57_[2013.12.08_14.42.21]There are plenty of other world shaking revelations in this episode, like the fact that Lady Koto was isolated in that Shrine Sanctuary because giving birth to Koto completely stripped her of all her powers.  Essentially Lady Koto is living on borrowed time, time that is now running out now that she has left the Sanctuary causing her to start to fade in this episode.

And then there is fact that the Mirror Capital is a 13th parallel world whose creation has thrown the delicate balance between the 12 original parallel worlds out of whack.  In fact there is quite a lot of info-dumping going on with the arrival of the two Shrine representatives and I’m not really sure I picked it all up.  Really some of these revelations should have been peppered throughout the earlier episodes, because at this point Shrine don’t really seem all that interesting since we know next to nothing about what their purpose is aside from dimension hopping.

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 08 [9CA90A71].mkv_snapshot_22.25_[2013.12.08_14.45.04]Of course caught in the centre of all these events is Koto.  Her father has basically told her the current destruction is all her fault, her mother is fading out of existence – which is also said to be her fault, and her boss has just arrived and is also blaming her for the current situation.  Understandably it all gets a bit much and Koto starts to break under the pressure.  Once again the only adult to reach out and drag her out of her depression is Myoue with all his usual gruff bluster.  I’m enjoying watching Koto & Myoue interact, they understand each other exceptionally well and even if Myoue acts like a reluctant big brother, he does care a lot about Koto – just like he cares about Kurama & Yase even if he doesn’t like showing it.

[Commie] Kyousougiga - 08 [9CA90A71].mkv_snapshot_23.06_[2013.12.08_14.46.05]So now we’re all set up for the final pay off of this series.  Koto is determined to save the Mirror Capital and is willing to hold the other 12 parallels to ransom to secure Shrine’s co-operation.  It will be a real test of how well Kyousogiga has laid its groundwork to see if the final episodes of this series can deliver a satisfying conclusion.  I am somewhat concerned by how little we know about the structure of the world outside the Mirror Capital and the role of Shrine – this episode has suddenly expanded the focus out from the family we’ve been centred on for the last 7 episodes.  I really hope Kyousogiga doesn’t over extend itself at this final hurdle – it has been exceptionally well paced up to this point.

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