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Characters that made my year – Hasebe Yutaka (The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Two)

December 15, 2013

12daysofchristmasI’ll probably be keeping this posts really short in the hope I’ll be able to fire them out in a timely manner.  One year I will actually write these things in advance rather than on the day… year.

Anyway, on this second day of Christmas let us appreciate how adorable Hasebe Yutaka could be when chasing after the oblivious Lucy from Servant x Service.

Servant x Service - Hasebe YutakaServant x Service started out being just like Working! except with civil servants rather than restaurant staff, and that was fine.  In the early episodes I could have taken or left Hasebe as a character since he was just your typical genius slacker.  But then he fell for the neurotic bookworm Lucy, and suddenly Hasebe Yutaka became fecking adorable.  He’s very straightforward and honest about his feelings – something that is extremely refreshing in a medium that is filled with characters that refuse to communicate with each other.  However Lucy’s so oblivious to everything that Hasebe’s feelings just seem to bounce off her.  But watching the normally unflappable and self assured Hasebe get so flustered by Lucy and just generally being absolutely adorable when he’s around her just made my heart melt – I loved this ship!

My favourite moment is in episode 9 when Hasebe somehow gets the idea into his head that Lucy is getting married and he sinks into a depression until he realises the mistake.  When Hasebe swears to wipe all the girls phone numbers off his phone to an oblivious Lucy, he then clarifies his feelings to her with;

“I don’t need any girl other than you, Lucy.”

and I promptly lapsed into a fit of fangirly squealing.  Such a cute couple, I would have never expected Servant x Service to give me so many feels.

Hasebe & Lucy - Servant x Service

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