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Characters that made my year – Joseph Joestar (The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Seven)

December 20, 2013

12daysofchristmasWell it is the seventh day so I believe we’ve waited long enough to bring out one of the most memorable characters of the year – Joseph Jostar of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!

Joseph Jostar - Jojo's Bizarre AdventureEverything about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is glorious.  Anyone who disagrees is fecking wrong. Wrong I tell you!  The show just drips style and is the type of thing that is just pure anime – there’s just so much absolutely love about this series.  All the characters were wonderful and off the wall, but my favourite is definitely the 2nd Jojo – Joseph Joestar.  Not only is he yet another character with Sugita Tomokazu’s brilliant voice, but this Jojo is just criminal amounts of fun to watch.  Ingenious, determined, cocky to a fault and just all around fun to watch, Jojo can hold your attention with ease with his audacious schemes and innovative use of anything that comes to hand…….he even comes back from the dead he’s just that awesome!

The entirety of episodes 25-6 is my highlight for Joseph Joestar – everything in that episode is distilled genius.  Jojo overcomes Cars ridiculous godlike powers and blasts him into space using a plane and a fecking volcano, disappears and then returns for his own funeral with zero fucks given.  What an awesome character – who doesn’t love Jojo!?

jojos-bizarre-adventure-ep 26

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  1. February 15, 2014 6:21 am

    Joseph is such a brilliant protagonist and one of the many reasons why Battle Tendency was such an entertaining ride. Joseph was always entertaining to watch and his character made for not only hilarious moments but really exciting fights. I think my personal favorite of the JoJo series would be Jotaro from part 3, but Joseph comes very close.

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