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Characters that made my year – Souma Akira (The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Eight)

December 21, 2013

12daysofchristmasOn this eighth day of Christmas all you need is M-E-G-A-N-E~! with Souma Akira of Megane-bu!

Akira Souma MeganebuMegane-bu! is kind of glorious.  It probably should have been shorts and clearly doesn’t have much of a budget or any real depth, but it still manages to strike a note with me fairly regularly.  Most of this down to the extremely strong direction and visually striking style employed in the series – it really is an attractive show to watch with some brilliant framing.  It’s still about a bunch of megane wearing bishies populating a world where the only characters with faces or names wear glasses, but it has enough creative flair to get mileage out of that wafer thin concept.

My favourite character is the fella who fuels the entire show with his fanatical obsession with all things megane – the president of Megane-bu, Souma Akira. Without Souma this show wouldn’t exist, he’s the one that brings all the characters together and is the source of all their hair-brained schemes.  The show revolves around Souma.  I’ve picked episode 6 as my favourite – mainly for the Jojo poses on the train, but also because it manages to build a wonderful melancholic atmosphere towards the end with fantastic wide shots……all because they couldn’t buy some premium brand glasses wipes.  Brilliant.

Meganebu_episode_6 jojo poses

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