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Weekly Reflections 01

February 9, 2014

Weekly Reflections - Yuuko xxxHOLiC Mirror

In the absence of single show I feel the need to blog weekly, it seems like a better idea to talk about a few different shows that interested me on a weekly basis – after all I am watching 26 weekly shows!  I’d imagine I’ll keep this going even if I do find two shows interesting enough to blog next season.

Samurai Flamenco - 16Samurai Flamenco – 16

Even though I stopped blogging this show, I’m still watching it, and recent developments have been pretty interesting.  I liked how this latest episode brought the story back to focusing Masayoshi’s personal struggles again.  While all the Super Sentai madness of the past few episodes have completely bewildered and overwhelmed me, when the show spends time focusing on its characters personal struggles I enjoy it so much more……the Masayoshi x Goto shipping is really just icing.

I didn’t really like the stuff with the Flamenco Girls though.  Mari is just coming across as a self-centred bitch who doesn’t deserve the concern of her two friends.  If she had of expressed some regret about getting Moe into very real danger with her antics, rather than anger that Moe’s selfless honesty and dedication made Mari look bad, I’d be much more sympathetic towards her.  Rather Mari just appears to be a self obsessed brat and a complete attention whore – and everyone around her feeds into that for some reason.  Sure Mari is talented, but that doesn’t mean everyone around her should pander to her every whim and tantrum!  I was hoping Mari would redeem herself a touch and become a more likeable because I do like how assertive and strong willed she is, but this episode ruined any goodwill I had towards her – it doesn’t appear like she has learned anything from her experience with King Torture, which is very frustrating.

Kill la Kill - 17Kill la Kill – 17

This series has been sitting near the top of my favourites each week, but I’m not nearly as invested in the show as I thought I’d be at this stage.  I’m definitely enjoying the spectacle, and the way the twists, reveals and tension continues to ramp up on a weekly basis, but I have no real emotional attachment to the characters – if some of them were suddenly killed off I wouldn’t really care too much.  Except if it was Mako.  Mako is fecking awesome and the show wouldn’t be half as entertaining without her.

I was expecting Satsuki to rebel against her mother, but I wasn’t quite expecting it to be so soon or quite so violently given the relative lack of bloodshed in the show so far!  Ragyo was kind of asking for it with her weird Maleficent /Lady Gaga get-up and godly aspirations though.  I’m very interested to see what direction things take from here – I just wish the series had more emotional punch to it.

Hunter X Hunter - 115Hunter x Hunter – 115

Even though I know what’s going to happen I’m still continually on the edge of my seat when watching Hunter x Hunter.  This episode wasn’t even particularly action packed being more of a spacer episode used to get all the characters into their designated places, but it was still masterfully put together.  There are a lot of highly individualistic characters and plots in motion and they all weave together to give you a bigger picture of what’s going on in the palace – not many show can manage to make things like Welfin’s neurotic paranoia interesting to watch, but HxH manages it.

I am so fecking excited for next episode now that Gon & Killua have finally come face-to-face with Neferpitou again…….so much hype!

Nagi no Asukara - 18Nagi no Asukara – 18

You know I didn’t really like this show to start with because of all the boring middle-schooler angst and drama that was floating around.  But as the focus has switched to the bigger picture, and with the added bonus of a timeskip with no Manaka to be seen for a few episodes, I’ve really started to love this series.  The world setting is just beautifully rendered – PA Works really do put so much effort into their backgrounds and settings, and with this series I really appreciate that effort.  The characters have also undergone some real development now that they have been forced to stop acting like spoiled brats.  With this latest episode I really loved the eerie atmosphere the return to Shioshishio had and especially the scene in the Ojoushi-sama graveyard.  It is just a pity that we will now have to deal with the highly irritating Manaka again from next week on!

Noragami - 05Noragami – 5

Noragami is probably my favourite show of this Winter season.  I like the characters and I’m absolutely in love with the art direction and aesthetics of the show – it is sinfully pretty.  Sure the actual story is pretty standard, but it is still a rather beautiful example of the genre.  Episode 5 gave us more on Yukine and he becomes even more endearing the more we see of him.  The series is far from perfect and it may not have staying power, but at the moment it is one of the shows I look forward to most on a weekly basis.

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  1. Rocco B permalink
    February 9, 2014 9:43 pm

    Nagi no Asukura looks like a interesting anime to watch. I still haven’t watched kill la kill. Though I have heard such rave reviews about it.

    • February 11, 2014 5:50 pm

      Nagi no Asakura isn’t a must see, but it is turning out to be a pretty nice show. Kill la Kill is just massively entertaining, but I am a fan of this type of show, Imaishi and the Trigger team anyway, so I’m probably biased.

  2. February 11, 2014 10:06 pm

    Ditto, I really wasn’t expecting the events of the most recent Kill la Kill episode to happen so soon – while the events themselves are far from surprising to me, I anticipated them happening at some point during the final couple of episodes. I think this is better though, since I now have no idea what will happen next, which should hopefully make for a more exciting climax.

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