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Weeky Reflections 04

March 2, 2014

Weekly Reflections - Yuuko xxxHOLiC MirrorPretty good week for anime – lots of solid episodes as many shows enter their home stretch.  I’ve also been making good progress on my 7th Gundam Wing rewatch – definitely going to have a post on that once I finish…..not for a while yet though as I’m only halfway right now.

Anyway lets talk about my favourite episodes of the week.

Noragami - 08Noragami – 08

Noragami has plenty of flaws, but it is definitely one of my favourite shows at the moment.  The bullying story in this episode could have been handled a lot better, as somehow I think Yato’s solution of handing the bullied boy a pair of box-cutters may do more harm to the child’s social standing in the long run, than if he had gone with less extreme solution.  Hiyori’s extremely generic overreations to finding Yato in the girls bathroom and being caught investigating his blight while he slept, were also annoying.  Hiyori comes across as a bit more grounded than that normally, having her lash out with generic anime violence at the drop of hat undermines her usual level-headed character.

Still this episode was more about Yukine finally crossing the line and the rebound effect that has on Yato.  It is somewhat annoying that Yato let things spiral out of control to this degree, I can’t help but think that if he actually spoke frankly with Yukine earlier, things wouldn’t have gotten this bad.  Yukine isn’t unreasonable, he’s just a very lonely, confused teenager desperate for stability in his life.  His tantrums are misguided pleas for attention, but Hiyori’s indulgent actions don’t help and Yato’s dismissive attitude just adds fuel to the fire.  Fair enough Yato is a god and can’t truly sympathise with the formally human Yukine, but his flat refusal to talk things out and the way he just orders Yukine around were just asking for things to blow up in his face.

And now things have gotten so bad that Yato has completely collapsed from the blight caused by Yukine’s actions.  It will be interesting to see what Kokufu and her Regalia do to help Yato – looking forward to the next episode.

Samurai Flamenco - 18Samurai Flamenco – 18

After this episode I’m wondering just what Samurai Flamenco has planned for its finale, because this certainly felt like an appropriate ending to the show!  This was a fantastic episode, taking the fight to space, the moon and Masayoshi’s very psyche as Samurai Flamenco once again demonstrates how it can be incredibly stupid, while also having a lot of depth.  It really is a fantastic series….even it completely lost me for a few episodes in the middle.

Alien Flamenco’s gratuitous Engrish was hilarious, as was Masayoshi’s conversation with the great floating cube in space about the fact we’ve been mispronouncing the show all along.  It’s Flamwenco!  But more interesting than that to me, is the revelation that Masayoshi actually has reality warping powers along Haruhi Suzumiya lines.  The ever escalating enemies and his entire story arc sprung into being because Masayoshi wished for it, and if he again makes the choice he can discard the entire scenario and have it passed off as entertainment for some other world…….so meta.  I have absolutely no idea what the show is going to do now, Masayoshi is aware of his reality warping powers, but is way too stupid and kindhearted to really take advantage of this fact…..god knows where we’re going next!

All that was  very interesting, but what I really loved was that it was Goto who pushed Masayoshi into his final confrontation with Alien Flamenco and it was Goto who was waiting for him when Masayoshi finally found his way back.  I will never stop shipping these two.

Kill la Kill - 20Kill la Kill – 20

Last week I was fully expecting someone (probably Mako) to pull Ryuuko back from her self destructive rampage, so I was pretty surprised that she ended up even more insane this week, being completely under the thrall of Ragyo and Junketsu.  Not even Mako’s patented friendship speech had any effect – colour me shocked!!  Saying that Ryuuko seems to be having a riot of a time playing villain….although can’t say I like her version of Kamui Junketsu.  It is only fitting then that a newly released Satsuki, teams up with Senketsu to knock some sense into Ryuuko.  I love how every leap this show takes all seems to make perfectly logical sense in some way, even if I don’t see some of the jumps coming.

Phi-Brain Kami no Puzzle S3 - 21Phi Brain S3 – 21

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEEEEE!!!  I haven’t been so pissed off at an episode of Phi Brain in a very, very long time.  How DARE they kill off Rook like that.  This episode looked like ARSE, they could have at least spared a bit of budget to kill off one of the main characters!  I think I’m more irritated at the lack of effort spared in the episode and the complete lack of reaction from Kaito & co, than the fact they dared kill off my favourite character.  Some tears and anguish should have been in order, they’ve been doing plenty of that over Jin and he’s still breathing!  Bishop was the only one to have the expected reaction…..maybe Kaito is having a delayed reaction and will break down in the next episode?  Argh!! So much rage!  Although this being Phi Brain I expect someone will become the Phi Brain and start mucking about with time so Rook lives……I can only hope.

Tonari no Seki-kun - 08Tonari no Seki-kun – 08

I haven’t made much comment on this show before, since it just quietly does its thing in a really solid manner each week.  But I really loved this episode so had to make some nod to that.  Normally a return to a past gimmick would be due to the show running out of ideas, but with Seki-kun taking out his shogi pieces again, it felt like the series had too many ideas to cover in just a single episode.  The set-up has Yokoi’s over active imagination be every bit as important as Seki’s and she is an active participant in the latest epic battle on Seki’s desk – it is a natural progression since she got so caught up in the previous shogi adventure.

This show is just wonderful – perfect length and really solidly written.  Definitely one of the best shorts I’ve seen.

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  1. March 3, 2014 12:32 am

    I agree – a really good week! Like you, Noragami is one of my favourite shows of the season – probably second only to Gin no Saji – and while I likewise think that the whole bullying thing could have been handled waaay better on a social level, the ‘solution’ was at least very much in keeping with Yato’s character. He’s hardly what I’d call the sensitive type.
    Samurai Flamenco was great too, but yeah, with 4 episodes still to go, I have to wonder what will happen before the end. Episode 18 felt very much like a conclusion, but I’m assuming we’re not going to have 4 episodes of the characters doing Not Much. Samurai Flamenco sure likes to play its cards close to its chest.
    As for Kill la Kill – favourite episode in a long time. Which maybe isn’t saying too much considering I can’t think of an episode I’ve disliked, but still. Great stuff!

    • March 3, 2014 9:56 pm

      Yes it definitely was in line with Yato’s character, he rarely looks beyond the immediate fix and doesn’t fully get humans anyway.

      I’m assuming Samurai Flamenco has either has something suitably ridiculous planned or something remarkably mundane to wrap up with……I have faith it will be memorable regardless.

      Kill la Kill is very solid – hasn’t really put a foot wrong over its whole run.

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