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Weekly Reflections 05

March 10, 2014

Weekly Reflections - Yuuko xxxHOLiC MirrorA bit late this week – sort of buggered my arm entirely writing the Spring Preview…..whoops.  Regardless, there were plenty of solid episodes this week – here are my highlights.

Samurai Flamenco - 19Samurai Flamenco – 19

GOTOOOOO~!  You are meant to be the grounded, sane one in this mental show!  It absolutely broke my heart when the show revealed the truth behind Goto’s mysterious girlfriend, and just how broken our favourite policeman really is.  It came as a real kick in the stomach after the light hearted, silly tone of the early part of the episode.  I mean Masayoshi as President of the World?? Seriously people!?  To transition from the goofiness of Mari & Masayoshi stalking Goto to get a glimpse of the illusive girlfriend, into the gut-wrenching truth that Goto has been texting himself all this time, was just so well played!  I guess Samurai Flamenco does still have something more in store for us.

Other things that interested me was the fact Masayoshi seems to think that all Goto’s plans should involve him in some way…..such a cute couple.  Also Konno’s boredom with the current peace was hilarious – but it is very telling, humans don’t really do well without some sort of conflict in our lives.  Absolute peace is pretty dull, even if it is something we should really aspire to.  Also the return of one of the kids from the very first episode, parroting back some of Samurai Flamenco’s speech to Masayoshi – really curious to see where we’re going with that.

Noragami - 09Noragami – 09

Yuki Kaiji’s vocal cords certainly got a work-out in this episode – Yukine’s ablution sounded extremely painful!  Brat kind of deserved it though – how much of a wake-up call did he need?  His absolute look of disdain for Yato’s critical state was pretty shocking behaviour – Yato isn’t the most responsible of adults and he does have plenty of faults, but he never really neglected or mistreated Yukine in any way that would deserve such disregard for Yato’s suffering.  Yukine in fact is exceptionally lucky that Yato is so attached to him, it seems most gods would just cast off or outright kill such a difficult Regalia, as the ablution ritual requires the aid of three other Regalia willing to put their own lives on the line.

It was a tense episode, but I couldn’t help but think that having this be the outcome of Yukine’s outbursts was a going a touch overboard… wasn’t like he hurt anyone physically with his actions.  Apart from Yato of course, and Yato went out of his way to hide the extent of the damage Yukine was doing to him until it was too late.  Regardless I enjoyed the episode and am looking forward to the return of the adorable Yukine we had before all this teenage moodiness happened.

I’m also dying to find out just what is going on between Kazama and Yato that would make Kazama willing to not only defy his own god, but risk his life to try to save Yato’s Regalia.  I’m sure there is a great story there.

Kill la Kill - 21Kill la Kill – 21

All that really need to be said about this episode is that Mako is, once again, the best character in this show.  From her trademark pantomimed explanations, to her leaping into Ryuko’s very consciousness with Senketsu to give her a wake-up speech and then exploding back out of Ryuko in a sparkling wave of galaxies – everything Mako does is pure gold.  The addition of more Mako screentime can only make future episodes of Kill la Kill even better.

Space Dandy - 09Space Dandy – 09

Abundantly clear that some of the Kaiba team worked on this episode of Space Dandy.  Those glorious backgrounds provided some exceptional eyecandy, and elevated this simple story of a planet full of highly evolved plants to another level.  Very creative episode.

Hunter X Hunter - 119Hunter x Hunter – 119

Finally seeing Killua’s Godspeed form animated was a treat – it is a very simple upgrade on Killua’s existing skill-set, but that is typical of Hunter x Hunter and it is the intelligent use of the new set of abilities that make this series so great.  However this episode really belonged to Ikalgo and his battle against the lobster with guns for claws.  Ikalgo’s MacGyvering and careful planning provide an interesting contrast to Mr Lobster’s more simple-minded (but effective) shoot all the things approach.  However it was Ikalgo’s agonising with himself over his inability to kill that provided the most interest – the Chimera Ants are displaying more and more human traits as time goes on…..this is no longer the straight-forward “us vs them” that the arc started with.

phi brain s3 - 22Phi Brain S3 – 21

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!  If I was pissed off with episode 20’s killing off Rook with little to no fanfare, I was absolutely livid with this episode deciding to blow up Gammon and Freecell!  I fecking loved Gammon!!!!  I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW!

gundam build fighters - 21Gundam Build Fighters – 21

Basically here because Reiji x Aila is made of adorable.  I enjoyed the fact they basically invented a new kind of Newtype ability for this series – Aila can see the Plavsky Particles, which gives her an enviable edge in a Gunpla Battle.  But yeah it was basically all about the Reiji x Aila shipping!

Oh and Reiji is a Prince, but we already sort of knew that.

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  1. March 10, 2014 12:36 am

    I really liked last week’s episode of Noragami – in fact, I’d say it was probably my favourite of the series to date. Yukine basically got exactly what he deserved (making me more sympathetic to his character in the process), but more importantly, the build-up of tension before the climax and wind-down felt just right.

    • March 10, 2014 10:10 pm

      It was a great episode I agree – was completely gripped thoughout…….just on reflection that some weird things about the actual reasons for all this happening struck me as somewhat overblown. But while watching the show none of that really occurs to me – Noragami is probably my favourite of the Winter season.

      • March 10, 2014 10:31 pm

        After the second season of Gin no Saji, Noragami is probably my favourite title of the season as well. 🙂

  2. tuturu permalink
    March 13, 2014 8:41 pm

    I feel a bit of an oddball as I have huge sympathy for Yukine and little for Yato. Yato turns Yukine into a weapon and makes him kill monsters (who used to be people and are not so different from Yukine) completely against his will, then calls him, I dunno, pathetic and ‘not really a man’ or whatever when he understandably acts out. Yukine is a teen, completely alone, essentially a deathseeker who isn’t given any choice and made to kill and risk his life.

    • higgsbosoff permalink
      March 13, 2014 9:15 pm

      Nah, you’re not an oddball, many feel that way. There was a huge debate in fact on Animesuki about this, and how many of us felt Noragami was being a bit preachy and victim-blaming – especially considering how it touched upon both suicide and bullying with this approach, which are supposedly sensitive themes in Japan. It almost seems like some kind of social ad campaign aimed at youths, and yet the only message it seems to have for them is: “man up, ‘cos suicide is the coward’s way out, and bullying only happens because you’re bad at interacting with other people”. Which is kinda ineffectual and slightly disturbing, imho. But as a show on its own it’s fine.

    • March 13, 2014 11:41 pm

      Yato isn’t really all that sympathetic and it is very difficult to get a grasp of his thought processes, since all we really see is the rather flippant front he presents, with glimpses of a more complicated past every now and then. Yukine is much easier to understand because he was originally human and has very relatable issues – but Yato is a god, the way the gods think is pretty alien to us mere mortals.

      Noragami is a show with plenty of faults in its writing, its treatment of the rather heavy issues of suicide and bullying wasn’t great, and the characterisation hasn’t been too carefully done either. However it is still a very engaging show and I enjoy the character interaction a lot…….plus it is still phenomenal eye-candy!

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