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Weekly Reflections 07

March 24, 2014

Weekly Reflections - Yuuko xxxHOLiC Mirror

Slightly late, but I kind of destroyed my arm over the weekend writing a ridiculous 20k fanfic…..I have problems.

No season finales yet, some penultimate episodes though.

Kill la Kill - 23Kill la Kill – 23

I hugely enjoy every episode of Kill la Kill that I watch, but a few hours later all I’m left with are a few disconnected highlights.  There is no real cohesive feeling to the series – there is certainly a very linear progression, but things tend to happen just because.  I get the feeling that the brainstorming meetings at Trigger are just bursting with so many awesome ideas that they can’t decide which ones to use and so just try to cram as many in as possible!  While this makes each episode a triumph of entertainment, it just doesn’t really have much to really bite into, mainly because the antagonists aren’t very well fleshed out.

Ragyo is a terrible person, but she’s pretty cartoonish in her villainy, and would really benefit from some time examining why she is so enamoured of the idea of life fibres ruling the world and becoming a godlike being – there must be some reason buried in her past somewhere other than because teh evils!

But yeah, I enjoyed this episode a lot even if all I really remember is “Wooo new uniforms!” “Wooo Bancho Mako!” “Woooo flying ship dagger!” “Wooo hamster wheel turbine!!”

Samurai Flamenco - 21Samurai Flamenco – 21

Hang in there Goto!  The Power of Love will save you….just as soon as Masayoshi figures that out!  I had to laugh at the crash course Manager-san gives our dense hero in love, so he will finally release his one true love has been Goto all along!

On a more serious note, it seems like Sawada Haiji has become more than a figment of Masayoshi’s bored imagination, as Kaname claims to have been the boy just before his accident and Goto has a face-to-face conversation with him.  An unsurpising development given how things usually escalate in Samurai Flamenco.  Masayoshi’s inate desire to be the hero has spawned multiple enemies – but he is the only real enemy in this series, however he has yet to fully come to terms with that.  Last week Haiji was almost entirely an internal foe to be conquered, but this week he is moving to be come the ultimate evil for Samuari Flamenco to fight – perhaps a step back for Masayoshi as he once again externalises his problems.

The real question is whether Samurai Flamenco will take the last step in its final episode and actually kill off Masayoshi’s closest friend – I will honestly be heartbroken if Goto dies, but will applaud the show for continuing to make brave decisions.  It has been quite a ride following this show!

Gundam BF 23Gundam Build Fighters – 23

Downtime episode that I mostly have to mention for being completely cameo-tastic!  Nearly every wide shot has some character from past Gundam shows floating around in the background, just relaxing and enjoying Gunpla.  This series always has been a treat for Gundam fans, but this episode was just a goldmine!  Will be sorry to see Gundam BF end, it has been a really fun show.

Nagi no Asukara - 24Nagi no Asukara – 24

Show remembered Kaname existed and just tossed him a bone in the form of Saya.  Yeah that wasn’t very well done.  Unsurprisingly given my history of being interested in terrible characters, I like Kaname and felt like the show has screwed him over rather repeatedly.  This scene is just the latest in the rather rough treatment Kaname has received as it felt very tacked on and poorly done.  Kaname has always been surplus to requirements in the series, Hikari has always outshone him and post time-skip Tsumugu has usurped his place as the steady rock in the group – if Kaname hadn’t of woken up the series wouldn’t be any different. 

No one was really waiting for Kaname to return (apart from Saya, but her little crush had so little development that it doesn’t really have any weight), and there is no role for him to play in the main narrative once Chisaki rejects him and Hikari turns to others for moral support.  It is sort of sad because Kaname’s rather blatant front of forced maturity always had me interested in what was going on under the surface – he is a child after all and the way he’s been shunted off to the side in his friends lives had to sting.  Regardless, the series seems to be done with Kaname, content to have him jump on the tiny bit of attention Saya is offering him.  Annoying, but I suppose it stops him from interfering with my preferred Chisaki x Tsumugu ship.

Hunter X Hunter - 121Hunter x Hunter – 121

KNUCKLE!!  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one shouting at the screen when Knuckle released Youpi from his nen in order to save Morel’s life.  All that work, all that pain and anguish rendered null, but it just reinforces the fantastically kindhearted person Knuckle is – the mission isn’t nearly as important to him as the mentor he’s known for years.  Plus Knuckle senses that Youpi has changed and is now more than the bloodthirsty monster he was at the start of the fight, and that he will honour the agreement.  This show!

Oh and poor, poor Knov – look at him!  It is testament to how strong-willed the other characters are that they can operate within the reach of these monstrous aura’s without having a nervous breakdown the way Knov has.  Knov is no weakling, he’s experienced and exceptionally skilled, but that’s just how ridiculous the power levels we’re currently dealing with are.

Noragami - 11Noragami – 11

This arc feels really rather anti-climatic.  Rabou doesn’t have any weight to his character, there seems to be no reason for his actions and Nora is just as bad, feeling creepy for the hell of it.  We know both antagonists have a shared past with Yato, but that’s the only thing we’re told – we know nothing of their true relationship and as such their vendetta against Yato has no real agency.  

Still on the upside the show still looks glorious – that fight scene had fabulous choreography!

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