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First Impressions: Spring 2014 – Black Bullet, Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara and No Game No Life

April 10, 2014

springsmlLagging behind again…..hard to keep up when everything comes out all at once!  Today lets look at some generic light novel adaptations of varying quality – Black Bullet, Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara and No Game No Life.

Black Bullet

Somehow this was even worse than I was expecting – there was absolutely no sense of flow!  We get a load of jargon fired at us about how this deadly virus is threatening to end the world, but in almost the same breath our lead characters are ditching the fight to run off to a time-sale and bickering like they’re in a generic harem series!  If these little girls are apparently the last hope for humanity why are they treated as sub-human monsters and banished to the outskirts of town, and why are the agencies that deal with this terrible threat so poorly funded!?  You’d think that the only people who can apparently fight these ridiculous looking monsters would be at least kept well supplied with special bullets and the like.

I do like the concept – it is my kind of thing, but this was just so poorly presented it was a struggle to stay interested.  Will probably give it another episode, but the fact I don’t like any of the characters is a major mark against this show.

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara

God this was bad.  The hideous character designs aside, there was just no real spark of creativity to the presentation of this show.  The concept itself could have been interesting if the characters weren’t so obnoxious and the setting not as cliché.  Actually Noucome managed to be fun with obnoxious characters and a cliché setting so that isn’t the main issue here – it is the lack of energy in the writing, direction and the voice acting.

This was a chore to get through – dropped.

No Game No Life

I actually quite enjoyed this first episode, if nothing else it was pretty to look at and they did make a bit of effort on the writing front.  My eyes did threaten to roll out of my head everything we were subjected to panning shots of the loli’s legs and panties though – could have done without that thanks, the child is 11!  Our main characters aren’t the most likeable of people, Sora is actually a bit of a manipulative arsehole, which makes me kinda interested in them – because this is me.  Being transported to a world were everything is decided by gaming kind of makes me think of Phi Brain were puzzles are the life-blood of the characters – I like stupid concepts like this.  I’m not too sure how much of the loli fanservice and squicky incest vibes I can handle though.

The extremely vibrant purple/pink colour scheme is a bit headache inducing after a while, but it is quite striking.  I’ll keep on for another episode or two to see how much more I can stand……will probably drop next week though.

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