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First Impressions: Spring 2014 – Is the Order a Rabbit?, Mangaka to Assistant-san to and Magica Wars

April 12, 2014

springsmlMore stuff I don’t give a damn about – Is the Order a Rabbit?, Mangaka to Assistant-san to and Magica Wars.

Is the Order a Rabbit? (Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu-ka?)

So far as cute girls doing cute things shows go, this wasn’t horrible.  I still struggled to finish it, but it wasn’t completely awful…..still mostly awful though.  This is one genre I’m never going to like as these shows are always populated by the exact same characters time and again.  The dumb genki girl, the deadpan, capable loli, the tomboy with a girly streak – there are only so many reiterations of the same old crap a person can tolerate, and I breached that line years ago.

It’s all nice enough, well animated and fairly well acted, but there isn’t a speck of originality here – dropped.

Mangaka to Assistant-san to (The Comic Artist and His Assistants)

Urrr……so this is about a loser mangaka who sexaually assaults his assistants all in the name of research for his ero manga?  Wow.  This consists of half length episodes, and even with that I struggled to make it to the end.  It goes with a quickfire approach, multiple snippets of daily life in each episode – so we get such highbrow entertainment as, Mr Mangaka urging his assistant to let him grope her breast and discussing the merits of full vs partial pantyshots, Mr Mangaka making fun of his editors marriage dreams and embarrassing her at a women’s lingerie store.  Fantastic, I am so entertained right now.

Terrible – dropped.

Magica Wars (Mahou Shoujo Taisen)

Another short, this time with 4minute episodes.  Not really much to comment on, it is pretty enough to look at and has a very basic premise of a magical girl going about her daily business of taking out strangely cute evil blobs, while being berated by her cute magical familiar.

Nothing to complain about and nothing to get excited about – may continue to watch if it comes out and I’m bored.

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