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Weekly Reflections – 09

May 4, 2014

Weekly Reflections - Yuuko xxxHOLiC MirrorApologies for the massive delay in actually posting anything at all recently – I think I’ve been getting a touch burned out and nothing has really been making me want to write about it.  There are shows I am really enjoying (Mushishi, Jojo’s, Ping Pong, Haikyuu!!, Knights of Sidonia & Hunter x Hunter) but I don’t feel any massive need to write about any of those shows and everything else this season is either just shallow entertainment that I’m happy passively enjoying or just not that good… which case I’ve probably dropped it.  And I have dropped a ridiculous amount of shows this season, something that is hugely out of character for me given my OCD compulsion to watch all the things!  Sure my watching list is still sitting at 20 airing shows, but given this is a Spring season where I generally have closer to 30 series on the go, this is somewhat out of the ordinary.

Anyway thought it was about time to pick up the Weekly Reflections again since even after a month of waiting not a single show jumped out at me as a candidate for the individual episodic blogging treatment.

Hunter X Hunter - 127Hunter x Hunter – 127

Without doubt HxH is still the one of the very best anime currently airing.  There is a wonderfully dark edge to this show, it addresses things about humanity and the state of the world that most shounen series go out of their way to avoid, and it does it with remarkable maturity.  Sure you’ve got the whole ridiculous power levels and fabulous explosive set pieces that make shounen shows so entertaining, but there is a fantastic amount of depth built into the world and characters of Hunter x Hunter that just elevate the series to an entirely different level.  I fecking love this show!

Mushishi S2 - 05Mushishi: Zoku-shou – 05

The second season of Mushishi has not disappointed in the slightest.  With measured storytelling wrapped up in gorgeous renderings of the Japanese countryside, this series has a lot to say with minimal actual dialogue.  The majority of the story is told through the visuals and sound design – the atmosphere Mushishi fosters is completely captivating.  This latest episode with the mirror mushi was about taking control of your own life and not becoming overly reliant on others to give your life purpose.  Sublime.

Sidonia no Kishi - 04Knights of Sidonia – 04

I am really glad I stuck with Knights of Sidonia despite my initial misgivings about the full CGI animation – it has quite a compelling world to portray.  I also enjoy how it has absolutely no problems killing off large swathes of people – far too many shows that feature large scale wars are reluctant to show the cost in lives in any meaningful way.  In this latest episode of Sidonia there is absolutely no question that the Gauna attack has had catastrophic repercussions for the general populace.  Granted with the focus of Sidonia being mostly on the wider world, there isn’t any real emotional attachment to those that have died so far due to minimal character development, but I’m still very much enjoying the approach Sidonia is taking.  Looking forward to more.

ping-pong-the-animation-04Ping Pong The Animation – 04

I don’t actually have anything meaningful to say about Ping Pong other than the fact I enjoy it a whole lot.  There is so much packed into each episode, loads of layers to appreciate and just the most compelling characters to watch – it is a fantastic show.  Pity the unorthodox animation style put people off, this series has a lot to offer.

Haikyuu!! - 05Haikyuu!! – 05

This show is so fecking adorable!  Every single character in this show is moe.  Even the teacher who was introduced this episode is moe.  It should be illegal to have so much cuteness in one series – my heart can’t handle it!  In all seriousness Haikyuu!! is very, very solid, traditional shounen sports show, and since I happen to enjoy this genre, the show is exactly my cup of tea.  The fact it is full of cute boys being adorable is just icing.  And that is about all I have to say about Haikyuu!!  It makes me very happy to watch, but there isn’t a whole lot to talk about.

jojos-bizarre-adventure-stardust-crusaders-05Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – 05

Jojo’s is actually off to a much more relaxed pace than I was anticipating – well as relaxed as it is possible for JBA to get.  Each fight still has that amazing colour design and fantastical element, but I kinda wish they’d get a move on, the stakes don’t really feel all that high at the moment.  Still one of the highlights of the season for me, but I want this show to get my blood pumping with excitement, not just be entertaining because of Grandpa Joseph’s star quality.

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin - 04Nanana’s Buried Treasure – 04

I was about to drop Nananananana but then this latest episode made me pay attention again by suddenly making MC-kun a bit morally ambiguous and interesting.  Nanananana has been pretty solid as far as LN adaptations go, but just lacked anything to really make it stand out – it’s got lots of quirky characters, a murder mystery, an international crime syndicate and its whole treasure hunting shtick, but nothing to really bind all the elements together.  Now with Jugo’s development this episode he seems to be that missing element and I’m somewhat interested again.  Still not going to be a must see series, but it is definitely entertaining enough to pass the time with for now.



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  1. May 4, 2014 7:25 pm

    I know what you mean about this season being good, but not really feeling the need to say much about it. I’m really enjoying Ping Pong, for example, but I don’t have anything important to say about it. A lot of shows, including some you haven’t mentioned, are quite pretty, but dumb; even that is fine, since it beats being dumb and looking like crap. I guess sometimes it is good to just relax and take the season for what it is.

    • May 6, 2014 6:04 pm

      I’m left with the feeling that this season is rather meh because a lot of the other shows I’m watching are just okay with nothing really remarkable about them. Or maybe I’m just being super elitist this season!

      • May 7, 2014 1:11 pm

        Just super refined! You have developed a palate for the more subtle nuances of giant robots, green hair, angsty characters, and boob jokes. That’s what puts you at the top of the anime-critique world. :^)

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