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Terror in Resonance – 03

July 29, 2014

Zankyou no Terror - 03-02

A lot late, but what can you do when your arm doesn’t want to co-operate?  Anyway this episode was mostly spent further introducing Shibazaki as the main challenger in the police to Sphinx’s intelligence.  It was very interesting to watch the cat & mouse game play out, even if there isn’t a whole lot to say about the episode.

I like Shibazaki’s character a lot.  He’s well read and experienced, but passionate and willing to ruffle feathers to get things done – important when you’re against the clock and your opponents have shown themselves to be deadly serious.  He also has the added motivation of being from Hiroshima and a second generation atomic bomb survivor.  Shibazaki has experienced the fallout of a nuclear attack and has that extra bit of drive to insure these teenage terrorists never get to use the plutonium in their possession.  I liked the way the show doesn’t explicitly tell us this, just says that Shibazaki hates the summer because it was so quiet back in his hometown – all the old people stayed inside, and while it isn’t stated, there didn’t seem to be many children about as a direct result of the nuclear fallout. Shibazaki’s background has shaped his outlook and gives him personal motivation for stopping Sphinx – he makes for a great contrasting character.

Zankyou no Terror - 03-01

For their part, Sphinx seem to be inordinately pleased that there is someone who can operate at their level – you’d think Nine & Twelve would be annoyed that their latest bomb was found and safely defused, but both seem excited and happy to see someone step up to challenge them directly.  Like most teenagers they seem to be craving attention and here is an adult who took them seriously and managed to unravel their riddle, even if he does seem to think their youth makes them foolish despite their intellect.  The brief flashback to life at the institution Nine & Twelve were at reveals how these children were stripped of their identities – outright told that as abandoned children they did not have the right to claim names, as names imply they were cared about by someone.  Names are indeed important things, a lot of thought generally goes into giving a child a name – to not give a child a proper name with any real meaning behind it, is to strip that child of something important.  No matter how little you have, everyone should at least have a name to call their own.

The kids in the institution are denied that very basic thing – they are reduced to mere numbers on a page, something we all complain about when going through anything bureaucratic (we do love our reference numbers in the public sector).  But at least we only have to quote the reference number before we start being addressed by our true names – these kids don’t have that, they are numbered with nothing else attached to it.  That alone would do a number on your sense of self, let alone whatever else these children were subjected to.  Still, no matter the psychological abuse Nine and Twelve endured, there is still no justification for their current reign of terror – much more development is required and I’m sure it will be coming in due course.

Zankyou no Terror - 03-03

The only other thing of note in this episode was Lisa finally running away from her emotionally stifling mother.  I’m glad she’s making some movement on her own rather than being led by the nose, but I still find Lisa dull to watch.  Don’t get me wrong, her scenes are wonderfully well presented and directed with great care.  We’re basically shown her circumstances and allowed to draw our own conclusions rather than having everything spelled out in big capital letters – but Lisa as a character is boring to me.  Hopefully this move that she’s made on her own initiative will jump-start her development and make her more of a central player as we do need the balance she provides – everyone else is a bit too smart or hard to relate to.

That’s about all that I have to say about this episode, looking forward to the next one.

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  1. July 30, 2014 12:09 am

    Personally I’m really interested in Lisa – it’s just that I don’t think she’s yet gotten the necessary amount of screen time for viewers to learn anything we didn’t already know from the first. While I find the show as a whole engaging, I’m hoping we’ll get a little less of Shibazaki and the police department and plenty more of Lisa and Nine/Twelve in future episodes.

    • July 30, 2014 10:26 pm

      I think I prefer the cat & mouse between Shibazaki & Sphinx more at the moment, but that may change when Lisa gets more focus…..which is bound to happen given the ED revolves around her.

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