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Autumn 2014: First Impressions – Ore, Twin-Tail ni Narimasu! and Girl Friend BETA

October 14, 2014

autumnanimeTrying to drum up enthusiasm to write this post was difficult since I couldn’t care less about these two shows, but for completions sake I may as well get this over with.  So here we go with genderbender fetish fuel and never-ending parade of boring girls…….Ore, Twin-Tail ni Narimasu! and Girl Friend BETA.

Ore, Twin-Tail ni Narimasu! (Gonna Be The Twin-Tails!)

Well it could have been worse – at the very least this show is super aware of itself and plays the tropes with tongue firmly in cheek.  Unfortunately that doesn’t make the show any good – just because it is aware of itself doesn’t really forgive the idiotic premise and terrible innuendo laden dialogue. So here we have a high school boy utterly obsessed with twin-tails who gains the ability to become a twin-tailed loli with super-powers in order to fight some alien lizard-men who are stealing girls twin-tails….and my god I wish I was making this up.

Yes this actually a show that got made and even more shockingly it is actually pretty decent looking!  There is clearly a decent enough budget and lots of effort has been put into the transformation sequences and special moves.  Well I suppose that isn’t really surprising since this probably exists to sell bishoujo merch.

Not a good show, but you could do a lot worse for a fanservice series – at least it knows its tropes and plays them up.

Girl Friend BETA (Kari)

Holy feck was this an absolute snore-fest!  What on earth is this shows purpose?  Nothing happened in this episode – absolutely nothing!  All we got was a rather dim girl wandering about meeting equally boring girls of various archetypes and some vaguely yuri undertones.  I originally thought this was a harem, but there is zero male presence so that can’t be right, unless MC-kun hasn’t stumbled into the frame yet?

The show even looks flat and boring, I really don’t like the character or clothes designs.  The only possible source of enjoyment I can imagine anyone getting from this show is the stellar cast-list.  Think of a female seiyuu and she’s probably in here somewhere……in which case it may have been a better idea to have this be a drama CD instead.

Boring, boring, boring – dropped.

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