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Seasonal Anime Podcast – Fall 2014

October 28, 2014

So I got invited on another Seasonal Anime Podcast with Flawfinder, Appropriant, Landon, and Wendeego. Well, Deadlight was there too and he’s put this all together, but he was mostly mute for the entire thing.

We had a pretty fun conversation about a choice selection of this season’s shows – some opinions may be slightly out of date now (this was recorded on 18th Oct), but most stand.  Head over here for the audio & a download.

 Timestamps for your convenience!

00:19 – Garo OP
01:01 – Introductions
01:41 – Rage of Bahamut
06:51 – Parasyte
11:05 – Amagi Brilliant Park
19:13 – Psycho-Pass 2
28:00 – Shirobako
40:12 – Garo
46:30 – Gundam
55:23 – Cross Ange
1:02:52 – Your Lie In April
1:08:22 – Wrapping Things Up
1:11:07 – Your Lie In April OP

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  1. October 28, 2014 3:13 pm

    Well, Deadlight was there too and he’s put this all together

    Bwahahahaha! My boss is so cursed that he couldn’t even upload the podcast onto his blog/Youtube account when I sent the finished product to him. He’s the general director to my actual director.

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