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Characters that made my year – Ragyou Kiryuin (The 12 Days of Anime: Day 6)

December 19, 2014

12daysofchristmasNow for one of the very few female characters I enjoyed the hell out of this year.  A front-runner for the Worst Mother Ever Award, Ragyou Kiryuin from Kill la Kill.


The start of 2014 was all about Kill la Kill as it entered its 2nd half and upped the ante on everything. A show filled to bursting with OTT action and characters it is only fitting that its final villain was quite possibly the worst parent in anime – the super fabulous Ragyou.  From her brilliant theme music, to the dazzling rainbow coloured light she radiates at all times and her impeccable style, Ragyou commands all your attention whenever she is on screen.  And she is also made of pure evil – which just makes her even more fun to watch!

Between experimenting on her daughters (and throwing the youngest down a garbage shute when said experiment failed) and trying to take over the world with life fibres, Ragyou is so unrepentantly evil that you can’t help but admire the woman’s determination!  It is very fitting that the unflappable Ragyou is the final boss at the end of the show – the resulting fight was also pretty damn entertaining.

kill la kill 23

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