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Characters that made my year – Gon Freecs & Killua Zoldyck (The 12 Days of Anime: Day 12)

December 25, 2014

12daysofchristmasGoodness, day 12 already – where has the time gone!?  Well here you go, the characters that got to me most this year – Gon Freecs and Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter.

Hunter.x.Hunter.600.1467045You didn’t think I was going to skip having a HxH character in here somewhere did you!?  There are so many characters in HxH to choose from, but this duo of super-powered little boys had to be be my pick – so many amazing things happen when Gon & Killua are together!  This year saw the end of the Hunter x Hunter anime and we were treated to the Chimera Ant arc and the concluding Election arc.  Both these arcs are heavily focused on Gon and Killua, and sees the boys do a lot of growing up as they go through some truly harrowing ordeals.  But through everything the one thing that stays constant is how much these two trust and care about each other – the depth of their friendship moved me to tears quite a few times over the series.

It seems like an unlikely friendship at first – Gon is ridiculously optimistic, a bit simple-minded and naive about the world, with strangely fluid moral values.  Killua is a talented assassin by training, street-smart, cautious and tends to see things in black & white – he also has a super over-protective family of assassins who tend to make his life difficult.  However they two bond thanks to their similar ages and Gon’s refusal to let Killua slip into the darkness without a fight. It is thanks to Gon that Killua starts to live his own life away from the shadow of his family’s influence, and he is fiercely protective of Gon as a result.  The two strike a wonderful balance in their friendship and it sees them through some tough times.

There are so many absolutely perfect moments between Gon and Killua, both lighthearted and heartwrenching, that is it is impossible to pick a single one.  However the final parting of the two in episode 147 is a good example of their bond.  They’ve gone through so much together and are now ready to set off on their own journeys, but they both know that their roads will always bring them back together in the future.

I fecking loved Hunter x Hunter and the way these two boys grew up basically sums up why.

hxh 147

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