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Spring 2015 Anime Preview

March 13, 2015


Where on earth is the year going?  I really have zero idea about time these days, it is really getting rather disconcerting – I swear it was January last week!

Anyway, here we are on the run-up to a new season, and it is a big one!  Loads of new stuff to get acquainted with, with a huge amount of manga adaptations, and in particular Shounen manga adaptations, hitting our screens (which makes a change from the litany of light novel adaptations we’re had in recent seasons).  Quite a few anime inspired by games as well, which seems to be a trend that’s on the rise for good or bad.

Right lets get on with this – this post goes on forever!


The Heroic Legend of Arslan (Arslan Senki)

Studio: LIDEN FILMS (Terraformars) & SANZIGEN Animation Studio (Arpeggio of Blue Steel)
Japanese Airdate: 5th April 2015
Seiyuu: Yūsuke Kobayashi, Daisuke Namikawa, Kenn, Maaya Sakamoto, Yuuki Kaji
Director: Noriyuki Abe (Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, Bleach)
Series Composition: Makoto Uezu (Akame ga Kill, Katanagatari)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist) & Yoshiki Tanaka (Legend of the Galactic Heroes) fantasy series.

Arslan is the heir apparent of Pars, a strong nation that sits at the hear of the trade route connecting the East and the West. When the pagan nation of Lusitania begins an invasion of Pars, the timid Arslan is confronted with battle for the first time. His worst anxieties are realized the Parsian army falls for a Lusitanian stratagem and are routed. He barely escapes with his life, thanks to the loyal and indomitable warrior Daryun. Together they will stand against the invasion and the cruelties of fate that are about to blow down on Pars.

Arslan Senki has been kicking about since the 80s and got an OVA adaptation in the early 90s which was pretty well received.  This reboot is based on the updated manga adaptation by Hiromu Arakawa, the Fullmetal Alchemist mangaka, and that version has also proven to be pretty popular.  It certainly sounds like the quintessential epic fantasy series, and god knows I love those, however I’m not entirely sold on the people handling this adaptation which is dampening my enthusiasm.  The studios involved haven’t really produced anything of noteworthy quality (they actually managed to ruin a few shows that really should have been entertaining), and the staff can run hot & cold depending on what they’re working on.  Hopefully with such excellent source material this team can produce something special……hopefully.


Denpa Kyoushi – He is a Ultimate Teacher

Studio: A-1 Pictures (Aldnoah.Zero, Your Lie in April)
Japanese Airdate: 4th April 2015
Seiyuu: Hiroshi Kamiya, Rena Matsui, Aki Toyosaki, Saori Ōnishi, Ayane Sakura
Director: Masato Sato (Case Closed)
Series Composition: Atsushi Maekawa (The Prince of Tennis, Fresh Precure!)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Takeshi Azuma’s manga series.

Kagami Junichirou was known as a physics genius when he was a teenager, and he was even published in “Nature.” However, after college, he suddenly lost all interest in science. As a NEET, he’s devoted himself to his anime blog and nerdy collecting habits. He claims he has a serious illness called “I can’t do anything I don’t want to do.” Desperate to get him to do something with his life, his little sister manages to get him a job teaching physics at his old high school. He’s certainly an unconventional teacher, but he becomes fairly popular with the students. After helping a girl who’s being ruthlessly bullied, Kagami finds that he actually likes teaching. Will he continue his career as a weird teacher? Will he go back into physics? Or will he end up back where he started?

This could go either way depending on how much effort is put into the adaptation.  It sounds pretty fun in a GTO kind of way, but run through an anime otaku filter instead of a delinquent one, but will really depend on how likeable the characters are.  I’m tentatively interested, so will check out the first few episodes.


Familiar Myth – Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon? (Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteriru Darou ka?)

Studio: J.C. Staff (Golden Time, Love Stage)
Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Seiyuu: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Haruka Tomatsu, Inori Minase, Maaya Uchida, Saori Ōnishi
Director: Yoshiki Yamakawa (Hatsukoi Limited, Little Busters)
Series Composition: Hideki Shirane (Date A Live, Kill Me Baby)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Fujino Ōmori’s light novel series.

In Orario, fearless adventurers band together in search of fame and fortune within the monstrous underground labyrinth known as Dungeon. But while riches and renown are incentive enough for most, Bell Cranel, would-be hero extraordinaire, has bigger plans. He wants to pick up girls. Is it wrong to face the perils of Dungeon alone, in a single-member guild blessed by a failed goddess? Maybe. Is it wrong to dream of playing hero to hapless maidens in Dungeon? Maybe not. After one misguided adventure, Bell quickly discovers that anything can happen in the labyrinth–even chance encounters with beautiful women. The only problem? He’s the one who winds up the damsel in distress!!

Ah here’s your quintessential shitty light novel adaptation, and JC Staff to boot!  I am perfectly content to ignore the existence of this series.



Studio: Encourage Films (Symphogear) & Shirogumi Inc. (Moyashimon)
Japanese Airdate: 9th April 2015
Seiyuu: Rie Murakawa, Hiro Shimono, Sayaka Ohara
Director: Fumitoshi Oizaki (Acchi Kocchi, Romeo X Juliet)
Series Composition: Deko Akao (Arakawa Under the Bridge, Noragami)

 Summary: Original series.

The story revolves around Nya-tan, the cat of Chinese astrology who wants to become a member of the Chinese zodiac. Nya-tan is simple and suffers from memory loss, and she tries various foolish ways to become a member. She meets Takeru Tendo, a high school student who lives alone in Akihabara, and becomes a freeloader at his house. Little by little, she gets closer to her goal.

I think this more or less only exists as an exercise in playing with what CGI animation can do at the moment.  Or at least that’s the impression I’m getting from the PV.  Seems that all the characters have two modes, a normal one and an SD CG mode so I guess it is also determined to sell as much merchandise as possible.  Seems harmless and the PV does show that CG animation is improving all the time, but I don’t think this is one for me.


Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation

Studio: A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online, Magi: Labyrinth of Magic)
Japanese Airdate: 4th April 2015
Seiyuu: Atsushi Abe, Hisako Kanemoto, Junichi Suwabe, Kana Ueda, Miyuki Sawashiro
Director: Shinpei Ezaki (Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas)
Series Composition: Norimitsu Kaihō (Gakkou Gurashi)
Original Scenario: Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Square Enix‘s shooting action arcade game.

Despite Gen Urobuchi being credited with the original scenario for this shooting game, I don’t think he has anything to do with this anime.  The man probably just fired out a couple of bare-bones ideas on a scrap of paper and everyone else just built some shallow action series around that skeleton.  Given this is A-1 Pictures the series will likely look pretty slick, but will be ultimately lacking in any real feeling.  Going to pass on this.


Sound! Euphonium (Hibike! Euphonium)

Studio: Kyoto Animation (Amagi Brilliant Park, Kyoukai no Kanata)
Japanese Airdate: 7th April 2015
Seiyuu: Chika Anzai, Ayaka Asai, Moe Toyota, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Takahiro Sakurai
Director: Tatsuya Ishihara (Clannad, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
Series Composition: Jukki Hanada (Kyoukai no Kanata, Love Live!)
Music: Akito Matsuda (D-Frag!, Glasslip)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Ayano Takeda’s novel.

The original story follows the Kitauji Music club, which used to always advance to national competitions. Ever since the adviser changed, though, it has not advanced past the Kansai tournament. However, thanks to the newly appointed adviser’s strict instruction, the students are steadily improving. The club members’ daily lives are full of ups and downs including fights over solos and the decision to resign club activities to focus on studies.

The anime begins when Kumiko Ōmae, a girl who was in the brass band club in junior high school, visits her high school’s brass band club as a first year. Kumiko’s classmates Hazuki and Sapphire decide to join the club, but Kumiko sees her old classmate Reina there and hesitates. She remembers an incident she had with Reina at a brass band club contest in junior high school…

KyoAni are going back to their roots with a cute girls in a music club.  However thankfully these girls seem to actually play their instruments and have club activities that go beyond drinking tea & having oishii caeki.  The PV has some pretty great jazzy music and KyoAni have shown their usual skill at making everything look exceptionally pretty, however they’ll need to provide more than that glossy exterior to convince me that this show is worth watching.  K-ON! made me suffer far too much to really be ready to blindly dive into a similar set-up.


Houkago no Pleiades (After School Pleiades)

Studio: GAINAX (Magica Wars, Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu)
Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Seiyuu: Natsumi Takamori, Ayuru Ōhashi, Houko Kuwashima, Kanako Tateno
Director: Shouji Saeki (Medaka Box, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World)

 Summary: Original concept in collaboration with car manufacturer SUBARU.

The project’s story centres around an afterschool club of magical girls who help recover fragments so that an alien from Pleiades can return home. The Pleiades is the English name for the star cluster that the Japanese call “Subaru” — the origin of the car maker’s name and six-star logo. Subaru and Gainax streamed the original anime online with English subtitles.

Kind of bewildered by how this has popped up again – the OVA was pleasant enough but utterly forgettable in the long-run, yet here we are with a full TV series based on the same scenario.  This is being handled by the sad remnants of the once mighty studio Gainax – the vast majority of the talent that made up old Gainax have moved onto new studios like Trigger – and is being directed by the fella who did most of the shows people consider to be ‘bad Gainax’.  So not all that reassuring. Anyway, I don’t know how they’re going to string such a thin premise into a full TV series, but don’t really plan on watching this anyway, so meh.


Rainy Cocoa (Ameiro Cocoa)

Japanese Airdate: 5th April 2015
Seiyuu: Daisuke Hirakawa, Hikaru Midorikawa, Hiro Shimono, Mamoru Miyano, Ryo Horikawa
Director: Tomomi Mochizuki (House of Five Leaves, Twin Spica)

Summary: Anime adaptation of IAM Denshi Shuppan’s bilingual digital manga series.

An ordinary college student, Aoi Tokura, was having a bad day. It was so bad because he was called ugly by a good-looking guy on the train. Walking down the street in the rain, Aoi found a small, but cozy cafe, Rainy Color. He started to work part-time there because he enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate he was served. Then a guy came into Rainy Color… It was Keiichi Iwase, the one who told Aoi was ugly!!??

I’m getting mild BL vibes from this – will be checking it out.


Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen)

Studio: BONES (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Captain Earth)
Japanese Airdate: 4th April 2015
Seiyuu: Daisuke Sakaguchi, Kazuya Nakai, Rikiya Koyama, Akira Ishida, Miyuki Sawashiro
Director: Rie Matsumoto (Kyousougiga, Precure episode director)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Yasuhiro Nightow’s (Trigun) manga series.

A breach between Earth and the netherworlds has opened up over the city of New York, trapping New Yorkers and creatures from other dimensions in an impenetrable bubble. They’ve lived together for years, in a world of crazy crime sci-fi sensibilities. Now someone is threatening to sever the bubble, and a group of stylish superhumans is working to keep it from happening.

Everything about this is screaming ‘style’ and they’ve pretty much got the best team on board to deliver ‘style’.  Not entirely sure there is going to be enough substance to make this anything more than a pretty spectacle to watch though.  Still, I’m pretty excited to see Rie Matsumoto getting more work – I loved Kyousougiga to bits!  Will be giving this a few episodes, to see if the writing can match the anticipated visual spectacle.


Kyoukai no Rinne

Studio: Brains Base (Penguindrum, One Week Friends)
Japanese Airdate: 4th April 2015
Seiyuu: Hitomi Nabatame, Kaito Ishikawa, Marina Inoue, Kappei Yamaguchi, Ryohei Kimura
Director: Seiki Sugawara (D-Frag!)
Series Composition: Michiko Yokote (Cute High School Earth Defence Club Love, Shirobako)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi‘s (Inuyasha, Ranma ½ ) manga series.

High school student Sakura Mamiya began to see ghosts and ghouls after she was tricked into taking a trip to the otherworld as a child. However, cool and collected, she is not extremely phased when she finds out that her always-absent classmate Rinne Rokudō is actually working as a shinigami (god of death) on the side, helping lost spirits reach the wheel of reincarnation. Although he is a talented young man with shinigami blood in his veins, he is extremely poor, and is forced to rely on Sakura’s assistance- monetary or otherwise- to solve many of his cases.

Rumiko Takahashi is something of an institution – the woman has so many genre shaping manga series under her belt that it is something of a marvel.  This fact on its own is more than enough to get me to give her current series a fair look, but I just can’t really get excited by the set-up (which is why I didn’t pick up the manga originally), since it basically sounds like early Bleach run through a bog-standard romcom filter.  Still I will give the anime a chance to impress me, I did enjoy the directors work on D-Frag! after all, despite how thin that show’s premise was.


Mikagura School Suite (Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku)

Studio: Dogakobo (Engaged to the Unidentified, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)
Japanese Airdate: 6th April 2015
Seiyuu: Juri Kimura, Ari Ozawa, Ayaka Suwa, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Director: Tarou Iwasaki (One Week Friends, Ryouko’s Case Files)
Series Composition: Masahiro Yokotani (The Devil is a Part-timer, Free!)
Music: Yoshiaki Fujisawa (The Eccentric Family, Love Live!)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Last Note‘s Vocaloid song inspired light novel series.

The story of the original light novels and manga revolves around high school girl Eruna Ichinomiya, who enters the Mikagura Academy dreaming of a boarding school life filled with beauty. However, Eruna finds out that in the culture clubs, there is a rule that battles that are fought with special powers decide a club representative’s treatment. Through various circumstances, Eruna becomes a representative of a club, and is thrown into the fray.

Series that have their origins in Vocaloid songs haven’t really done well so far.  Black Rock Shooter was a disaster and Mekakucity Actors was only mildly interesting thanks to SHAFT being SHAFT, so I really can’t say I’m too excited for this latest offering from that well of material.  That being said the series could end up being fun light viewing, so I will check out the first episode at least.  Still not really expecting much though.


Ninja Slayer From Animation

Studio: Trigger (Kill la Kill, Inou Battle Within Everyday Life)
Japanese Airdate: 16th April 2015
Seiyuu: Toshiyuki Morikawa, Chiwa Saito, Goblin, Masane Tsukayama, Sho Hayami, Sora Amamiya
Director: Akira Amemiya (Inferno Cop)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of the “cyberpunk ninja action drama” book series, set in the near-future city of Neo Saitama, where ninja souls have been unleashed.

Kenji Fujikido is a salaryman whose wife and child were killed in a ninja turf war. In a brush with his own death, Fujikido is possessed by an enigmatic ninja soul known as Naraku Ninja. Fujikido cheats death and becomes “Ninja Slayer” -a Grim Reaper destined to kill evil ninja, committed to a personal war of vengeance. Set in the dystopian underworld of Neo-Saitama, Ninja Slayer takes on Soukai Syndicate ninja in mortal combat.

They gave the Inferno Cop guy a series.  I am so fecking pleased!  This show has a pretty interesting background actually.  It started out as a series of tweets from a couple of Japanese guys who claimed they were translating a novel by a couple of American guys inspired by Japanese anime…..when in fact they were just making the entire ridiculous story up.  So basically what we have here is a Japanese take on an American’s take on super stylised Japanese anime.  Sort of convoluted, but also layered in so much parody and stereotypical preconceptions that I’m expecting genius to be distilled from the mess of ideas.  I’m also excited to see Trigger working on something that will allow them to stretch their creativity a bit more than lackluster LN adaptations.  I mean just look at the garish colour palate!  You can tell they’re going to be having a ball with this series already – I can’t wait.


Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!)

Studio: MADHOUSE (Chihayafuru, Hunter x Hunter)
Japanese Airdate: 8th April 2015
Seiyuu: Megumi Han, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Takuya Eguchi, Ai Kayano, Daisuke Namikawa
Director: Morio Asaka (Chihayafuru, NANA)
Series Composition: Natsuko Takahashi (Moyashimon, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Kazune Kawahara and Aruko‘s shoujo manga series.

Takeo Gōda is a giant guy with a giant heart. Too bad the girls don’t want him! (They want his good-looking best friend, Sunakawa.) Used to being on the sidelines, Takeo simply stands tall and accepts his fate. But one day when he saves a girl named Yamato from a harasser on the train, his (love!) life suddenly takes an incredible turn!

I’m really burnt out on shoujo manga adaptations at the moment – the past few series to get anime have hardly been worthy of praise.  But I am willing to give Ore Monogatari! a fair try – the manga series has won a lot of awards and praise, and the anime adaptation looks to be in very safe hands at Madhouse (one of the only shoujo series I’ve actually legit liked recently is Chihayafuru).  I’m hoping that this series manages to strike the right balance of comedy hijinks and heartwarming scenes that make the best shoujo series stand out.


 Seraph of the End (Owari no Seraph)

Studio: Wit Studio (Attack on Titan, The Rolling Girls)
Japanese Airdate: 4th April 2015
Seiyuu: Miyu Irino, Yūichi Nakamura, Kensho Ono, Aoi Yūki, Yuka Iguchi
Director: Daisuke Tokudo
Series Composition & Screenplay: Hiroshi Seko
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano (Aldnoah.Zero, Attack on Titan)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of novelist Takaya Kagami, manga creator Daisuke Furuya, and manga artist Yamato Yamamoto‘s manga series.

After an unknown virus wiped out all adults on earth, vampires appeared and ruled over the surviving children, treating them like livestock. Yuichiro Hyakuya survived along with other orphans by giving their blood to vampires, until Yuichiro escaped four years ago. Now he is a member of the Moon Demon Company, a unit in the Japanese army dedicated to hunting down the vampires he blames for the death of his family.

All of this sounds & looks like “my kind of thing”.  Wit Studio may be a very young studio, but the shows they’ve produced have all been of interest in some way – they really go out of their way to produce a complete product.  Wit seem to really pay attention to shaping their shows from the ground up, be they adaptations or original products.  I really do appreciate the effort, even if the end product isn’t always my cup of tea.  So yeah, I am pretty hyped for Seraph of the End, it already has the winning combo of action & bishies that I love so much, just need an engaging plot to seal the deal!


Plastic Memories

Studio: Doga Kobo (Majestic Prince, Laughing Under the Clouds)
Japanese Airdate: 4th April 2015
Seiyuu: Yasuaki Takumi, Sora Amamiya, Aimi Terakawa, Chinatsu Akasaki, Satoshi Hino
Director: Yoshiyuki Fujiwara (Engaged to the Unidentified)

 Summary: Anime adaptation based on original concept by Naotaka Hayashi.

In a future not too far away, androids that look exactly like humans begin to spread across the world. The android production company SA Corp. produced Giftia, a new kind of android that has the most amount of emotion and human-like qualities out of any other model ever seen. However, due to problems in technology, the androids have a service life, and once they pass that, it gets pretty bad. For this reason, SA Corp. creates a terminal service in order to retrieve Giftia that have gone past their service life. A new employee at the terminal service named Tsukasa Mizugaki forms a team with the Giftia Isla to retrieve the other androids.

I’d probably be a bit more interested in this if I hadn’t seen the promo materials – the art just doesn’t work for me because it looks exactly like every other shitty LN adaptation out there.  The premise itself is ripe for melancholic storylines and exploring the ideas of memory and personality, but I doubt the show will really go down that rabbithole.  Plastic Memories will likely just be another show out to manipulate your emotions in the same vein as AnoHana or Your Lie In April – I’m really not going there again.


Punch Line

Studio: MAPPA (Garo, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, Kids on the Slope)
Japanese Airdate: 9th April 2015
Seiyuu: Haruka Tomatsu, Marina Inoue, Minako Kotobuki, Rie Kugimiya, Sora Amamiya
Director: Yutaka Uemura (Dantalian no Shoka)
Script: Kōtarō Uchikoshi (Ever17)

Summary: Original anime airing in the Noitamina timeslot.

The series follows Yūta Iritatsu, whose spirit has been separated from his body. The tagline for the series is “Once he sees underwear, humanity is destroyed!?”

*Insert rant about how the noitamina tag no longer signifies quality here*.  In all seriousness this is a show about a boy who gets superpowers from seeing knickers – that’s basically all the info we have right now about the plot of this show, and it is hardly anything to get excited for.  I’d have instantly fired this into my ‘nope’ pile if it wasn’t for the staff on board and my residual wishful thinking that anything airing in noitamina is at least worth a look.  MAPPA are another young studio, but they have some serious talent on their books and their most recent shows have been pretty damn good.  So just for the sake of seeing what these talented people make next, I’m going to have to check Punch Line out – really hope it can deliver more than panty jokes.



Studio: Pierrot Plus (Beelzebub, Sabagebu!)
Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Seiyuu: Ibuki Kido, Aya Uchida, Erii Yamazaki, Eriko Matsui, Kujira
Director: Masashi Kudo (Hayate no Gotoku Cuties, Ikki Tousen: Extravaganza Epoch)
Series Composition: Takashi Aoshima (Mitsudomoe, Yuruyuri)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Hinako Seta’s 4-koma manga series.

The story centres around Hibiki Amami, a girl who can see ghosts and other supernatural phenomena in her surroundings. The stories follow her daily life with both her friends and the otherworldly.

The director basically killed any tiny bit of interest I may have had in this series.


Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma

Studio: J.C. Staff (Little Busters, A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Seiyuu: Minami Takahashi, Risa Taneda, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Ai Kayano, Takahiro Sakurai
Director: Yoshitomo Yonetani (Tiger & Bunny movies, GaoGaiGar)
Series Composition: Shogo Yasukawa (Terraformars, Hyperdimension Neptunia)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Shun Saeki & Yūto Tsukuda’s shounen manga series.

The series centres on Souma, who works with his dad at his family’s restaurant. His dad is a culinary master, and he often hosts cooking battles with his father. His father then enrols him in an elite culinary school that is very difficult to enter, and the graduation rate is only about 10 percent.

So this is the latest Weekly Shounen Jump series to get an anime adaptation and there is a fair bit of hype surrounding this series.  Its main selling point seems to be that the artist usually draws hentai, so the reactions the characters have to eating delicious food is suitably orgasmic.  To me it kind of sounds like a sexed up version of Yakitate Japan, with less comedy and more Ben-to! style fights.  I was getting pretty hyped for Shokugeki no Soma until I hit the stumbling block that is JC Staff, a studio that has been producing  anything but quality series lately.  I’ve been mostly avoiding things that have come out of JC Staff and that has been a pretty good life choice in recent years, but I will be checking out Shokugeki no Soma – my shounen bias compels me to do so.


Show By Rock!

Studio: BONES (Blast of Tempest, Chaika – The Coffin Princess)
Japanese Airdate: 5th April 2015
Seiyuu: Ayane Sakura, Ai Kayano, Kishô Taniyama, Mamoru Miyano, Saori Hayami
Director: Takahiro Ikezoe (Ozma, Slap Up Party: Arad Senki)
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi (Naruto, Shiki, Fairy Tail)

Summary: Anime adaptation of Sanrio‘s mobile rhythm game.

Metropolis of music, MIDICITY. A kitty girl wearing gothic lolita clothing named Cyan is scouted by Maple Arisugawa, the president of a music agency. From there, she meets Chuchu (a pun off of the sound that rabbits make) the honor student rabbit girl, a net geek dog girl named Retoree (from “Retriever”), and an alien sheep girl named Moa. Together, they form the band named “Plasmagica,” and aim for the top of the world. However, the path there is long and tough, and keeping in high spirits is important. By battling against other strange bands, Plasmagica slowly grows toward a top-grade band. In the end, they’ll be a band that becomes the driving force of MIDICITY’s music industry… Maybe? Gonna be a music millionaire!

This looks fecking weird, yet I’m sort of interested!  Another anime based on the wafer-thin premise of a mobile game, this one seems to exist to get as many talented seiyuu singers on board as physically possible – it does a have great cast list.  The character designs are pretty cool and cater for fans of both moe girls and bishie boys, and this being a Bones show you know that it will at least look pretty.  I’m probably going to end up watching this despite knowing it will have all the substance of candy floss.


Triage X

Studio: Xebec (Fafner, Tokyo ESP)
Japanese Airdate: 8th April 2015
Seiyuu: Amina Satō, Kenji Akabane, Yui Kondou, Aya Hisakawa, Hideaki Tezuka
Director: Akio Takami & Takao Kato (Pandora Hearts, To-Love-Ru)
Series Composition: Katsuhiko Takayama (Aldnoah.Zero, ef: A Tale of Memories)

 Summary: Anime adapatation of Shoji Sato’s (High School of the Dead art) manga series.

Mochizuki General Hospital boasts some of the most well-trained (and well-endowed) nurses in town. But though these ladies spend much of their day battling disease, their after-hours are spent fighting a very different sort of sickness… Under the leadership of the hospital chairman, a handful of staff members and local teenagers form a group of mercenary assassins, targeting the “cancers” of society and excising those individuals before their wickedness spreads.

Well those hideous character designs would have been enough to turn me off even without reading the plot synopsis.  Yes I did watch High School of the Dead and will confess to actually enjoying it, but that was mainly down to the way Madhouse presented the show – you had to applaud the creativity that went into the fanservice, we will never forget bullet-time boobs.  Unfortunately Triage X won’t benefit from MAdhouse’s excellent production this being handled by Xebec, and the two directors don’t really inspire much confidence either.  Avoiding.


Urawa no Usagi-chan

Studio: A-Real
Japanese Airdate: 9th April 2015
Seiyuu: Hisako Tōjō, Asami Seto, Keiko Watanabe, Miyu Kubota
Director: Mitsuyuki Ishibashi
Series Composition: Yūichirō Hanamura

 Summary: An original anime to advertise Urawa City in Saitama, Japan. The project features eight anthropomorphic girls representing the stations in the prefecture, which have “Urawa” with their names.

Not really sure if this is going to be shorts or not – but think it may be just because it is an advertisement based on anthropomorphised train stations.  Which is also why I shall be avoiding this series.


Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo)

Studio: LIDEN FILMS (Aiura, Miss Monochrome)
Japanese Airdate: 12th April 2015
Seiyuu: Ryota Ohsaka, Saori Hayami, Aoi Yūki, Daisuke Ono, Jun Fukuyama, Kana Hanazawa
Director: Tomoki Takuno
Series Composition: Michiko Yokote (Genshiken, Ika Musume)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Miki Yoshikawa’s manga series.

Ryu Yamada is a second year student at Suzaku High. Ryu is always late for school, naps in class and gets abysmal grades. His life is a dead bore. The beautiful Urara Shiraishi, on the other hand, is Suzaku High’s brightest student. One day, Yamada bumps into Shiraishi on the stairs (literally), and their lips touch as they fall. When they regain their wits, they realize that they have swapped bodies. As time progresses, the two realize that this is not the only mysterious happening in the school.

This seems to be a relatively popular manga series, so I watched the OVA that came out a few months ago – can’t say I was too impressed.  There isn’t really much in the way of originality, the characters adhering to the “I’m shouting so it must be funny” school of comedy, and the animation quality was pretty meh too.  I’ll have a look at the first episode to see if they’ve fixed some of the problems for the TV series, but don’t think I’ll be sticking this one out.




Baby Steps 2

Studio: Pierrot (Naruto, Polar Bear Café)
Japanese Airdate: 5th April 2015
Seiyuu: Minako Kotobuki, Taishi Murata, Asami Seto, Daisuke Namikawa, Hiro Shimono
Director: Masahiko Murata (Shikabane Hime, Gilgamesh)
Series Composition: Katsuhiko Chiba (Freedom, Rune Soldier)

 Summary: Second season of the anime adaptation of Hikaru Katsuki’s tennis manga.

The story revolves around Eiichirō “Ei-chan” Maruo, a punctual and earnest boy who has strived for straight As since elementary school. The 15-year-old high school boy stops by a tennis school to deal with his lack of exercise. There, he meets Natsu Takasaki, a beautiful, earnest girl who only has passion for tennis. The second season’s story picks up at a Florida academy where the rival players of the world vie for #1.

I personally didn’t watch the first season so won’t be watching this sequel, but I have head pretty decent reports about this series, so may have to give it a go in the future.


Digimon Adventure tri.

Studio: Toei Animation (Dragonball, Kyousogiga)
Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Director: Keitaro Motonaga (Majestic Prince, Jormungand)
Series Composition: Yuuko Kakihara (Chihayafuru 2, Heaven’s Lost Property)
Character Designs: Atsuya Uki (Cencoroll, Tsuritama)

 Summary: Sequel to the 1999 series Digimon Adventure.

Quite a lot of people don’t like the new character designs for this sequel, but I quite like them myself.  Digimon Adventure is one of the only Digimon series I’ve actually watched from start to end, so I’m pretty excited to see how these characters have grown up in this new series!


Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works 2

Studio: ufotable (Kara no Kyoukai, Tales of Symphonia)
Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Seiyuu: Ayako Kawasumi, Junichi Suwabe, Kana Ueda, Noriaki Sugiyama
Director: Takahiro Miura

 Summary: Second season of the anime adaptation of the Unlimited Blade Works route of Type Moon’s visual novel – focused on Rin Tohsaka.

Ten years ago, the magus Kiritsugu Emiya saved one lone survivor of a great disaster. As he cried in happiness, he proclaimed that by saving him, he had saved himself. The boy swore then that he would become a hero who lived to save others. Five years after the death of his foster father, Shirō Emiya finds himself drawn into a battle to the death between seven magi called Masters, where each commands the spirit of a hero of legend called a Servant in pursuit of having one wish granted by the legendary Holy Grail. In this battle, Shirō will finally have the chance to face the ghosts of his past, and to find his path to face his dreams and his future. Through the power of the Holy Grail, his wish will finally come true, for a hero of justice must have an evil to defeat.

Well here’s more Unlimited Boring Words for you Type Moon fans – here’s hoping that the second half of the show has much more action and much less talking than the first half.


Gintama °

Studio: Sunrise (Gundam Build Fighters, Love Live)
Japanese Airdate: 8th April 2015
Seiyuu: Tomokazu Sugita, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Rie Kugimiya
Director: Chizuru Miyawaki

 Summary: Fourth anime adaptation of Hideaki Sorachi’s shounen manga series.

Gintoki Sakata, Kagura, and Shinpachi Shimura continue to scrape together a living as the freelance jack-of-all-trades group Yorozuya in Edo while living among the several odd humans and aliens that inhabit the peculiar metropolis.

Fuck yeah more Gintama!!  I adore this series and love how just when I’m getting to the stage where I’m considering picking up the manga, they announce a new batch of anime episodes – lucky!


The Labyrinth & Eden of Grisaia

Studio: 8 Bit (Infinite Stratos, Tokyo Ravens)
Japanese Airdate: 12th April 2015 (Labyrinth 60min special) 19th April 2015 (Eden)
Seiyuu: Hiroko Taguchi, Takahiro Sakurai, Ai Shimizu, Erika Narumi, Kaori Mizuhashi

 Summary: Second anime adaptation of Frontwing’s eroge light novel – covering two different scenarios.

The game is set in an academy that is a cloistered “orchard” for girls to be educated and cultivated away from external influences. Five girls spend their lives within these walls in repentance and atonement. Yūji Kazami has just enrolled as the sole male student there.

The Labyrinth of Grisaia is a collection of sequels for all of the game’s heroines, and also includes a prequel story for the hero and dozens of short stories. The Eden of Grisaia continues The Labyrinth of Grisaia’s main route and concludes the trilogy.

I quit the first season of Grisaia a few episodes in, but I heard that it got really weird, which almost makes me want to pick it up again…….almost.  I think they’re squeezing all of Labyrinth into one 60 minute special and then the rest of the episodes will be reserved for the Eden adaptation.


Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic

Studio: Studio Gokumi (The Severing Crime Edge, Yuki Yuna is a Hero)
Japanese Airdate: 5th April 2015
Seiyuu: Asuka Nishi, Manami Tanaka, Nao Tōyama, Risa Taneda, Yumi Uchiyama
Director: Tensho (The Fruit of Grisaia)
Series Composition: Yuniko Ayana (Orenchi no Furo Jijou, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko)

 Summary: Second season of Yui Hara’s manga series.

Shinobu Omiya is a 15 year old girl who had once did a homestay in Great Britain when she was 10 years old. She met a blonde, extremely shy, English girl named Alice Cartalet. Once getting to know each other, and getting past the language barrier issue, the two became close friends. On Shinobu’s last day in England, Alice makes a promise that she will come visit Japan someday. 5 years later, Shinobu receives a letter from Alice stating that she is coming to Japan. And on the same day of receiving the letter, Alice appears at Shinobu’s school, revealing that she has transferred to her class and will be staying at her house.

Cute girls doing cute things this time with bonus British exchange student……..avoiding.


High School DxD BorN

Studio: TNK (School Days, Locodol)
Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Seiyuu: Yōko Hikasa, Yuuki Kaji, Ayana Taketatsu, Ayane Sakura, Azumi Asakura
Director: Tetsuya Yanagisawa (Bladedance of the Elementalers, Shattered Angels)
Series Composition: Takao Yoshioka (Daimidaler the Sound Robot, Sekirei)

 Summary: Third season of the anime adaptation of Ichiei Ishibumi’s light novel series.

The series centres around Issei Hyōdō, a dim-witted, lecherous second-year high school student who is killed by a girl on his first date ever. Issei is reincarnated as a devil, and from that day forward, he serves as an underling of Riasu, a high-level devil who is also the prettiest girl on Issei’s campus.

Somehow this got a third season.  Not sure what else to say.


Ghost in the Shell Arise – Alternative Architecture

Studio: Production I.G (Guilty Crown, Haikyuu!)
Japanese Airdate: 5th April 2015

Seiyuu: Maaya Sakamoto, Tarusuke Shingaki, Kenichirou Matsuda, Ikkyuu Juku
Director: Kazuchika Kise (Tansuwarashi)
Series Composition: Tow Ubukata (Fafner: Exodus, Mardock Scramble, Psycho Pass 2)

 Summary: Latest anime adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s manga series. The broadcast will recompile the four existing episodes that were previously released in theatres, and include two new episodes. It will tie the series with the new movie premiering this summer.

Set in 2027, Motoko Kusanagi is a highly skilled agent of the military that meets Daisuke Aramaki, former soldier who is currently the chief of Public Security Section 9. Their encounter sparks the assembly of an elite new unit within Section 9.

I’ve been putting off diving back into Ghost in the Shell – the mood has never really hit me since I finished S1 of SAC.  I do have all the episodes stockpiled for when that notion finally does strike me – it really is a very good franchise.  Here we have the Arise movies recut for TV broadcast with two additional episodes to link into the upcoming movie.  I’ve heard good things about the Arise movies, so if you haven’t seen them yet, this could be a good opportunity to do so.


Lupin III (2015)

Studio: Telecom Animation Film
Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Director: Kazuhide Tomonaga (BUTA) & Yuichiro Yano (Moyashimon)
Screenplay: Yuuya Takahashi (Laughing Under the Clouds, Tiger & Bunny)

 Summary: New anime adaptation of Monkey Punch‘s popular manga series. It will be the first full-fledged Lupin III television anime series to star the legendary thief character since 1984-85’s Lupin III: Part III ended three decades ago. The story of the new series will take place in Italy and San Marino.

My experience of Lupin III is extremely limited so I’m actually very excited about the notion of watching a new TV series for the franchise as it airs – I really liked that Fujiko Mine series after all, and apparently they want to bring the franchise up-to-date with this instalment.


The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato (Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu)

Studio: Satelight (Aquarion Evol, Log Horizon)
Japanese Airdate: 3rd April 2015
Seiyuu: Minori Chihara, Tomokazu Sugita, Aya Hirano, Daisuke Ono, Natsuko Kuwatani
Director: Jun’ichi Wada
Series Composition: Touko Machida (Hamatora, Wake Up Girls!)

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Puyo‘s spin-off manga from Nagaru Tanigawa’s popular Haruhi Suzumiya light novel series.

Set in the AU established by the ‘Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya’ novel, in this series there are no espers, time-travellers, or aliens. Nagato Yuki is a shy, introverted girl, who sets up a club with the help of her friend, Kyon. Together, they have many fun experiences, as well as a bit of romance.

Much as I adore the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise and loved the Disappearance movie, this spin-off set in that AU does not appeal to me in the slightest.  It just looks like it takes all the things that make Haruhi interesting to me and throws them out the window in favour of bog standard high-school hijinks.  I also hate this moe version of Nagato with a passion.  The new character designs and switch of studio does not instill much excitement in me either – PV is dull as bricks.  Think I’ll be passing on this.


Nisekoi: 2

Studio: SHAFT (Monogatari Series, Madoka Magica)
Japanese Airdate: 10th April 2015
Seiyuu: Kana Hanazawa, Kouki Uchiyama, Nao Tōyama, Ayane Sakura, Kana Asumi
Director: Akiyuki Shinbo (Bakemonogatari) & Naoyuki Tatsuwa (Koufuku Graffiti)
Series Composition: Fuyashi Tou (Monogatari Series, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)

 Summary: Second season of the anime adaptation of Naoshi Komi manga series.

The series revolves around Raku Ichijō, a normal high school student who happens to be the heir to a yakuza group. The attractive but violent transfer student Chitoge Kirisaki, the heir to a rival yakuza group, transfers to his class, and the two must pretend to date to keep a war from breaking out between their families.



Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold

Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Seiyuu: Hideyuki Tanaka, Keiichi Nanba, Kenyuu Horiuchi, Takumi Yamazaki, Yuji Mitsuya
Director: Takeshi Furuta (Mangaka-san to Assistant-san)
Series Composition: Toshimitsu Takeuchi (Francesca, Queens Blade)

 Summary: New anime adaptation based on Masami Kurumada’s mythological fantasy manga.

Still have yet to watch any of this franchise – don’t think I ever will at this stage.


Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine (Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki)

Studio: POLYGON PICTURES (Sanzoku no Musume Ronja)
Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Seiyuu: Aya Suzaki, Ryota Ohsaka, Aki Toyosaki, Atsuko Tanaka, Takahiro Sakurai
Director: Hiroyuki Seshita
Series Composition & Screenplay: Sadayuki Murai (Mouryou no Hako, Boogiepop Phantom)

 Summary: Second season of the anime adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei’s manga series.

It’s been a thousand years since the Gauna, a strange alien race with no known method of communication, destroyed the solar system. A portion of humanity managed to escape using enormous “seed ships” like the Sidonia, which have allowed them to maintain the population while drifting through space. Nagate Tanikaze is a young man who has been raised deep in the bowels of the ship. When he goes into training to pilot the huge robotic weapons known as Gardes, Nagate is entrusted with piloting the legendary unit known as Tsugumori. Nagate and his fellow pilots put their lives on the line against the Gauna, in the ultimate battle for the survival of humanity.

Once you got past the janky CGI animation and slow pacing, Knights of Sidonia was a really good series, so I’m really looking forward to this continuation.


Uta no Prince-sama! Maji Love Revolutions

Studio: A-1 Pictures (Kuroshitsuji, Silver Spoon)
Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Seiyuu: Mamoru Miyano, Miyuki Sawashiro, Takuma Terashima, Junichi Suwabe, Kishô Taniyama
Director: Makoto Hoshino
Series Composition: Tomoko Konparu (Ao Haru Ride, Kamigami no Asobi)

 Summary: Third season of the anime adaptation of Broccoli’s otome game series.

In the slapstick romantic comedy, the female protagonist goes to a school for the performing arts with boys who are budding idols.

Fuck yeah more UtaPri!!  Best Idol Series!  No I am not biased!


My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU 2 (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku)

Studio: feel. (Jinsei, Outbreak Company)
Japanese Airdate: April 2015
Seiyuu: Nao Tōyama, Takuya Eguchi, Saori Hayami, Haruka Tomatsu, Nobuyuki Hiyama
Director: Kei Oikawa (Minami-ke Okaeri, Outbreak Company)
Series Composition: Shôtarô Suga (The Eccentric Family, Rinne no Lagrange)

 Summary: Second season of the anime adaptation of Wataru Watari’s light novel series.

The romantic comedy revolves around an antisocial high school student named Hachiman Hikigaya with a distorted view on life and no friends or girlfriend. When he sees his classmates talking excitedly about living their adolescent lives, he mutters, “They’re a bunch of liars.” When he is asked about his future dreams, he responds, “Not working.” A teacher gets Hachiman to join the volunteer “service club,” which happens to have the school’s prettiest girl, Yukino Yukinoshita.

I actually quite liked the first season of Oregairu – it was kind of refreshingly well put together with some pretty interesting characters.  Not entirely sure how a change of studio, character designer and director will affect this sequel though.  Will have to wait and see.




I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying Thread 2

Studio: Seven (Strange+, Recorder & Randsell)
Japanese Airdate: 2nd April 2015
Seiyuu: Yukari Tamura, Kenichi Suzumura, Rie Kugimiya, Toshifumi Sakai
Director& Scripts: Shinpei Nagai (Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san)

 Summary: Second season of the anime adaptation of Cool Kyōshinsha’s 4-koma web manga.

The series follows the daily life of an earnest, hardworking office lady named Kaoru and her otaku husband, Hajime, who is totally immersed in a certain huge net bulletin board system.

I really should watch this series.


Takamiya Nasuno Desu! (I am Nasuno Takamiya!)

Studio: Millepensee
Japanese Airdate: 6th April 2015
Seiyuu: Kyōko Narumi, Ryota Ohsaka, Kana Hanazawa, Shinya Takahashi, Suzuko Mimori
Director & Scripts: Shin Itagaki (Ben-to, Teekyuu!)

 Summary: Spin-off from Teekyuu by creator Roots and illustrator Piyo.

The series centers on the daily life of Nasuno Takamiya, the “exceedingly airheaded” school tennis club member in Teekyuu, and her friends.

Haven’t watched Teekyuu.


Teekyuu 4

Studio: Millepensee
Japanese Airdate: 6th April 2015
Seiyuu: Kana Hanazawa, Kyōko Narumi, Suzuko Mimori, Yui Watanabe
Director & Scripts: Shin Itagaki (Ben-to, Mayoi Neko Overrun!)

 Summary: Fourth season of the anime adaptation of Roots and illustrator Piyo’s tennis manga series.

High school student Yuri Oshimoto joins her school’s tennis club, but finds out that the club consists of her three strange upperclassmen and they rarely play tennis at all.

Haven’t seen any of the previous seasons.


Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Studio: Studio DEEN (Hakkenden, Log Horizon 2)
Japanese Airdate: 6th March 2015
Seiyuu: Tomokazu Seki, Akira Ishida, Hiroshi Yanaka, Chafurin, Shinpei Hayashiya
Director: Mamoru Hatakeyama (Sankarea, Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen)
Series Composition: Jun Kumagai (Hamatora, Persona 4 The Golden)

Summary: OAD for Haruko Kumota’s manga series.

The story revolves around a mature prisoner who was released on good behaviour. He is called Yotaro by others, a term that means an ‘anti-hero’ or a ‘dim-witted man’. He starts a new life in Rakugo (comic storytelling). Touched by Yakumo’s role as the ‘grim-reaper’, he asks the master to take him in as an apprentice.

Adult men!  Adults who look adorable from what I’ve seen of screen-caps of the RAWs that have been floating around.  I know most people automatically go ‘Ewww DEEN’ whenever they see that studio attached to a project, but DEEN can turn out some pretty great shows with beautiful animation & direction – this just so happens to be from one of those directors that can produce gorgeous things.  Apparently there is a full TV series in works for this too, which just makes me more excited to catch this OVA – subs where?


Tsubasa to Hotaru

Studio: J.C. Staff (Golden Time, Dragon Crisis)
Japanese Airdate: 6th March 2015
Seiyuu: Kanae Itō, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Hiro Shimono, Takahiro Sakurai
Director & Scripts: Chiaki Kon (Hanasakeru Seishounen, Junjou Romantica)

Summary: Four episode special based on Nana Haruta’s shoujo manga.

The story of Tsubasa to Hotaru revolves around Tsubasa Sonokawa, a 15-year old high school girl who fell in love with her upperclassman when he saved her after she fainted at the train station from anemia. She thought it was a meeting of fate, and visited him at his class every day. However, he told her that her feelings were “heavy,” and he dumped her. She once again meets a boy after taking over her friend Yuri’s job as boy’s basketball team manager. She learns that she might have more of a connection with this boy named Aki than she first thought…

Looks like bog standard shoujo fluff, right down to the soft-focus pastel filter and abundance of bubbles & sparkles.  Even though the run time is only 15mins for each special, I really can’t be arsed with this.


Happy ComeCome

Studio: SynergySP (Beyblade, Cross Game)
Japanese Airdate: 22nd March 2015
Seiyuu: Ichitarō Ai, Naoko Watanabe, Megumi Aratake, Shōtarō Moriya
Director: Yumiko Suda (Chibi Maruko-chan, Lady Georgie)

Summary: Anime Mirai 2015.

Hiroshi is tired of living alone so he orders a robot maid from a companycalled Happy Come Come. But instead ends up with the robot mom Yoshiko. Yoshiko acts more motherly than Hiroshi’s real mother, and over time she is able to heal his heart.

So the first of this years batch of Anime Mirai shorts then.  This seems to be harmless kiddie orientated stuff.  I’m not interested myself, but looks cute enough.


Ongaku Shoujo (Music Girl)

Studio: Studio DEEN (Bakumatsu Rock, Hell Girl)
Japanese Airdate: 22nd March 2015
Seiyuu: Manami Numakura, Asami Seto
Director: Ken’ichi Ishikura (Sakura Trick, Maria Holic)

Summary: Anime Mirai 2015

Eri, a girl who likes to stay indoors, meets a mysterious but enthusiastic transfer student named Haru. Eri used to love to sing and Haru loves Eri singing. The story follows the two during one summer of their high school life as their love sometimes overlaps and sometimes passes by each other.

Think this is shoujo-ai, or at least will have those vibes given the director in charge.  Seems colourful and cute, will probably give it a look.


Kumi and Tulip

Studio: Tezuka Productions (Black Jack, Sengoku Musou)
Japanese Airdate: 22nd March 2015
Director: Makoto Tezuka & Fumihiro Yoshimura (Black Jack)

Summary: Anime Mirai 2015

Kumi is a little girl who lives in a world with sparkling metal skyscrapers, and where robots support everything. Kumi’s playground is a garden by one of those skyscrapers with a man-made water fountain, artificial vegetation, and digital water and butterflies. Kumi meets an old man who visits the park every day to paint the artificial flowers. The old man tells Kumi of when he discovered a “breathing” tulip sprouting amidst the artificial flowers, and the two decide to watch over the tulip together as it grows.

Very much geared towards a younger audience I’d imagine this will be full of whimsy and charm.


Aki no Kanade

Studio: J.C. Staff (Little Busters, Witch Craft Works)
Japanese Airdate: 22nd March 2015
Seiyuu: Rina Satou, Kenji Hamada
Director: Youhei Suzuki (Hentai Prince & the Stony Cat)

 Summary: Anime Mirai 2015

Aki Miyagawa moved to Tokyo to pursue her dream to be a taiko drummer, but has a hard time balancing her strict training regimen with her part-time job. Now, after 15 years, she’s returning to coach others for a taiko festival.

I’d imagine this will be the most interesting of this years batch of Anime Mirai shorts, but the studio/director combo makes it hard to drum (oho~!) up much enthusiasm.  Not the most exciting line-up for Anime Mirai this year over all.


Vampire Holmes

Japanese Airdate: 4th April 2015
Seiyuu: Yoshinobu Sena, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Ayahi Takagaki

 Summary: Anime adaptation of Cucuri‘s escape game app.

The story of the original game takes place in London shrouded in night, where “Vampire Slasher” incidents have been happening in the streets. The player must work with Holmes, a detective who does not solve mysteries and does not use reasoning skills, to investigate a suspicious mansion and learn the truth.

This looks so cheap – I may have to watch it.


Kurage no Shokudou (Jellyfish Restaurant)

Japanese Airdate: Spring
Seiyuu: Goro Kurihara, Kenta Zaima, Satomi Koorogi, Sayuri Sadaoka, Masaya Matsukaze
Director: Hiromi Taniguchi
Series Composition: Chika Suzumura (Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no uta~)

 Summary: OVA based on Miyako Aoyama’s light novel series.

In the story, the protagonist Yōtarō Misaki finds himself lying on the beach one day. He is picked up by Arashi, who manages a restaurant called Kurage no Shokudō. When asked who he is, the protagonist tells a lie that he lost his memory — but he remembers everything, including the fact that his twin brother died.

Probably more of an advertisement for the light novels, but may have a look anyway.


And we’re done!  Pretty stacked season really – if Winter was the season of sequels, Spring is looking to be shounen heaven!  There are lots and lots of shows airing, but yet I only really have a handful I’m actually excited for.  Hopefully there will be a few surprise hits mixed in there somewhere.

As ever all information has been cobbled together from the ever reliable ANN, MAL, Crunchyroll,, Neregate and everyone’s friend – Google.

As ever expect first impressions spam to take over in early April.

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  1. A Day Without Me permalink
    March 13, 2015 3:03 pm

    Vampire Holmes looks like such delicious garbage.

    From what I read of Kyokai no Rinne, it was more reminiscent of the early episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho than Bleach… although I can’t really say how. I can tell you that there wasn’t much romcom junk in it through the first few volumes, at least. It’s a decent series, although I’d probably only recommend it to folks who like the whole spirit buster genre.

    • March 13, 2015 9:25 pm

      Vampire Holmes looks so bargain bin that I really feel compelled to see it.

      Ah yeah I can see the Yu Yu Hakusho thing with Kyoukai no Rinne – think it may be the character designs. Glad to hear there isn’t too much romcom rubbish – I have so little patience for that stuff recently. Will definitely be giving it a go.

  2. March 13, 2015 4:26 pm

    Ninja Slayer is an ONA according to what I read, so it’ll be airing later than pretty much every other show on here. Shame since it’s probably the one that’s screaming “potentially enjoyable” to me the loudest.

    The studios involved haven’t really produced anything of noteworthy quality

    Liden Films AND Sangizen? People have assured me that they’ve restructured their staff for the better since their last works, but I’ve learned to expect that Twitter knowledge is about as trustworthy as the Highschool DxD fanbase.

    my residual wishful thinking that anything airing in noitamina is at least worth a look

    To be fair, the amount of fail in Saenai Heroine’s premiere has to be seen to be believed.

    Plastic Memories will likely just be another show out to manipulate your emotions in the same vein as AnoHana or Your Lie In April

    Not expecting it to be good but I’ll be surprised it if matches Your Lie In April in terms of bad drama. You’ll be hard-pressed to find me an anime from that genre that misfired as badly as that one. I can only think of one on the top of my head, and that’s because it involved the love interest nearly killing the main dude because he was reading porn on the roof (and it wasn’t even played for laughs).

    Fuck yeah more Gintama!!

    There will always be more Gintama.

    • March 13, 2015 9:30 pm

      Ninja Slayer is an ONA!? Awwwww~! Such disappointment, I was legit psyched for that! It’s airing on 16th April, so that is pretty late.

      Even if Liden Films and Sangizen have restructured their current portfolio is hardly impressive.

      I don’t think Plastic Memories will come anywhere near Your Lie in April. That show was so bad I ended up dropping it at episode 14 – you can tell a series is truly awful if I drop it that late in the game. If I make it past the halfway mark I generally finish a show.

      All will continue to be right with the world so long as there is more Gintama to be had.

  3. Rocco B permalink
    March 13, 2015 4:51 pm

    The one I’m looking forward to the most is Arslan. The OVA is slow paced and it isn’t quite like your typical fantasy anime – as it doesn’t have the usual troupe that is found in most fantasy settings aka mythical races like dwarves, elf etc. Most can also find it boring since the themes are like war, slavery.

    Here’s a fun fact: the anime / manga is based off a Persian story.

    • March 13, 2015 9:31 pm

      I’m very interested in Arslan, it does appear to be a more grounded take on high fantasy – something I am more than okay with.

  4. March 13, 2015 7:23 pm

    Great list as always, though I only read the series titles and your impressions, since I want to come to my own conclusions on the synopses, PVs etc when I make my own list tomorrow! You seem to have missed a few sequels though (Nanoha, Daiya no Ace, Kaitou Joker), unless they were deliberate? 😛

    Obligatory ‘here’s what I’d pick up if I had to choose right now’ list:

    Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki
    Lupin III (2015)
    Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Revolutions
    Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season
    Kaitou Joker 2
    Kekkai Sensen
    Owari no Seraph
    Arslan Senki
    Kyoukai no Rinne
    Show By Rock!!
    Ore Monogatari!!
    Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka?
    Ameiro Cocoa
    Denpa Kyoushi

    Also ridiculously hyped for Teekyuu, though as with all the earlier seasons I’ll wait until it’s finished before marathoning it in one go.

    • March 13, 2015 9:33 pm

      Yeah I deliberately missed those. I don’t really class Daiya no Ace as a sequel since there will be no gap between seasons – it’s basically just continuing on. Skipped over the latest incarnation of Nanoha since I am utterly clueless about where in the franchise it fits in (that franchise confuses me to high hell) & Kaitou Joker I stuck in with the kiddie shows I have zero interest in researching.

      • March 14, 2015 10:27 am

        Fair enough, I usually leave the shorts and OVAs out of mine.

        Speaking of which, MAL has Ameiro Cocoa listed as 2 minute shorts, so I guess I won’t be picking that up after all.

  5. March 14, 2015 12:31 am

    The GitS Arise movies were pretty good, and my previous experience with a GitS series was very positive as well, so I’m really looking forward to the new show. And like you, I have little experience with Lupin but enjoyed Fujiko Mine a lot, so I’m pretty keyed up for that new series as well. Other than these, I’m most excited about Arslan Senki, followed by Blood Blockade Battlefront, Ninja Slayer, Punchline, Digimon, and Ore Monogatari – probably roughly in that order.

  6. March 14, 2015 11:59 pm

    Baby Steps season 1 was very good. I might even try to watch this second season, even though I have a bad track record when shows go over 50 episodes.

    As far as the new shows go, I don’t see anything screaming “must watch” to me, but I’ll have to check out Aslan in case it hits the mark.

  7. March 28, 2015 3:57 pm

    Seeing these new seasons makes me think that I’m becoming jaded of anime. The only series which provoked any interest in me are The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Denpa Kyoushi (even though I know that the manga becomes boring after thirty chapters), Gintama (after I watch 135 episodes so that I’m caught up), and I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying. The last was possibly the show I looked forward to most in the prior season.

    That Rinne is getting an anime version vexes me. I love Rumiko Takahashi’s works, but the characters in Rinne remind me so strongly of Inuyasha that Takahashi seems to be getting lazy in her old age. And people say Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha are the same!


  1. Spring 2015 Anime Preview and Predicting The Top Anime of the Next Season | The Null Set

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