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First Impressions: Spring 2015 – Part 4

April 11, 2015

springsmlRight nearly everything is out now, just a few last stragglers to air so I’ll get to them when they grace us with their wonder.

Regardless lets have a look at this strange bunch; Mikagura School Suite, Amerio Cocoa, Etotama, Punch Line and Urawa no Usagi-chan.

Mikagura School Suite

So I was about midway through this episode and going “actually this is pretty fun, maybe this won’t be terrible”, however by the end of the episode I was “god I have a fecking headache now”.  Mikagura School Suite’s problem is that it has a main character that refuses to stop shouting.  She was kind of fun for a while, I like the idea of having an unrepentant lesbian otaku as a main character, but unfortunately the girl is just way too fecking loud, and stupid.  Really stupid.  All my initial goodwill towards this show was pretty much exhausted by the end of the episode.

Mikagura School Suite is one of those shows that seems to be a pure distillation of everything anime.  You would be hard pressed to find something more anime than this inexplicable school filled with suddenly magical teenagers – it sort of reminds me of BakaTest in that respect, except without the adorable avatar characters.  It was enjoying this sugar rush of pure animeness for a while, because it is very honest about what it is and doesn’t really make excuses for itself.  It’s sort of endearing, so I will give it another episode.  However if I end up with another headache I’ll have to drop it.

Ameiro Cocoa

Kind of hard to form any sort of meaningful opinion of a show that is 2 minutes long and third of that is spent on OP.  But meh, I tend of have an opinion on everything so here you go.  This is a show about cute guys working in a coffee shop.  It is incredibly cheaply done, but that sort of makes it cute in a weird way.

Regardless I sort of need to watch another episode to see if it does have any particular point, and will probably end up watching the lot since it has Mamoru Miyano in it………and I am shallow.


Well Etotama turned out to be more or less exactly what I was imagining – very hyper, filled with cute nekomimi girls and with well put together CG fights.  Just a pity Show By Rock! aired first and did it much better.  Etotama does seem to have more of a plot in mind with its focus on the Cat of the Chinese Zodiac, but it doesn’t really have the madcap energy or visual flare that made the first episode of Show By Rock! so much fun.

Etotama isn’t particularly bad and the animation is pretty good (even the CG isn’t too terrifyingly uncanny valley).  It sort of reminds me of Nyaruko-san, but I found the characters terribly irritating and lacking the charm they would have needed to tempt me to give this another go.  Dropped.

Punch Line

I’m not entirely sure what to make of Punch Line.  On one had it looks absolutely glorious – fantastic animation, pretty designs and some excellent direction – but on the other it doesn’t really make an iota of sense!  The show does appear to be aware of this, but sort of handwaves and says “don’t think about it too much” whenever anyone asks “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?”.  It feels like Punch Line only exists because the creative team wanted to draw elaborate lingerie and explosions and decided to make a show based around that with any other random idea their drunken ramblings generated. The zany Gainax pedigree is really showing in this show.

I can just imagine a bunch of people in a pub with a notepad, just scribbling down things like ‘there needs to be a magical girl’, ‘motorbikes + Akira reference!’, ‘ghost cat who watches cat porn~!’, ‘I want to draw cute underwear & nosebleeds oh and METEOROID EXPLOSIONS!’ ‘panty-shots cause end of the world!!!!’……by which point I’m sure that some of them had passed out.

I had a lot of fun watching Punch Line’s first episode, in a sort of “I’m just going to take my brain out, put it on the shelf and just enjoy the spectacle” kind of way.  Once you start thinking about how it makes very little sense it loses some of its charm.  I’m more than willing to give it another few episodes, even it has no actual point to it the show is pretty entertaining and pretty to look at.

Urawa no Usagi-chan

Well this was utterly pointless.  So pointless that I actually can’t remember what happened.  Just a stream of utter banality that sapped all my energy.  Sort of amazing considering it was only 3 minutes or so long.  I don’t get why these things exist personally.


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  1. April 11, 2015 7:51 pm

    When I was putting together my season preview I was convinced I’d be picking up Etotama, the trailer looked great… but as you say, Show By Rock!! did it better. Really unfortunate that they aired at the same time!

    Mikagura School Suite, I’m giving a chance for its ‘Maria+Holic lead in BakaTest school with Rolling Girls’ energy and pacing’ feel. 😛

    Punch Line though, I hated with a passion. Plenty of intriguing things going on, ruined by the fact it’s all an excuse for plot-relevant pantyshots. It made Triage X look classy in comparison.

    • April 12, 2015 12:05 am

      It made Triage X look classy in comparison.

      Oh I wouldn’t go that far. I’m sorry, but nothing will be classier than the porn-watching cat for a long time.

    • April 12, 2015 8:55 pm

      Oh god the lead in Mikagure really is just like your girl from Maria+Holic isn’t she…….was wondering why I was getting so annoyed towards the end of the episode…..

      I liked Punch Line’s weirdness and the fact it goes to extreme lengths to justify being a show about pantyshots. We’ll have to see how long I last though.

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