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First Impressions: Summer 2015 – Part 5

July 16, 2015

summerbanRighty-oh, final batch of first impressions……although this is hardly saving the best for last!  Regardless here’s what I thought of Makura no Danshi, God Eater and Venus Project -Climax-.

Makura no Danshi - 01Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys)

Pointless, weird and probably my favourite short of the season, Makura no Danshi is 4 minutes of utterly random chatter from this weeks ‘Pillow Boy’, Merry.  The OP alone had me in fits of giggles and I really am looking forward to having various pillow boys talk at me for 4 minutes each week – what’s not to love!?  Anyway, the whole point of this is to listen to various seiyuu tell you you’re great and soothe you to sleep.  It’s a pretty shallow, straightforward short and I’m pretty happy to continue watching it.


 GOD EATER - 01God Eater

Ufotable seem to have major issues with producing opening episodes that are exciting to watch.  There is cool stuff in this first episode of God Eater, but way too much time was spent following the lifeless MC around while he did boring things – there is no energy or flair to the direction to make things more exciting and hook the viewer in.  The show is eyecatching visually thanks to the unusual artstyle, but movement can look pretty rough in some scenes – like they hadn’t quite figured out how to really animate the characters in this style.  I know this is based off a game, but there was no real need to be so faithful to the source that the fluidity of the animation suffers.  (Complaining about the animation was something I never thought I’d do regarding a ufotable show).

Concerns about the animation aside, it really is the soulless presentation of the show that really irritated me.  I wanted to be wowed, the setting is certainly interesting enough to provide ample opportunities for bombastic showboating, but aside from the end of the episode when the veteran God Eater team are introduced, no effort is made to really show off the potential of the world.

I am going to watch another couple of episodes in the hope that this is just a slow starter, but I want my action shows to be stuffed full of action and interesting characters – so far Godeater hasn’t delivered that.


VenusProjectClimaxVenus Project -Climax-

Well this was a thing that I watched.  The world is one where idols now compete with holographic mecha in tournaments to establish who is the best idol……which is certainly a new one for me.  It’s just a pity that this series doesn’t quite got far enough with its ridiculous concept – it isn’t really OTT enough to really be properly entertaining.  This first episode did have its moments, but they were too spaced out and there was a lot of boring s’life padding that had me yawning.

The animation deserves to be mentioned, just for being pretty damn terrible.  I couldn’t count the amount of off-model shots – faces just slide all over the place from scene to scene and there isn’t really any flare to the presentation to make up for the dodgy animation.  I was amused enough for a first episode, but I have absolutely no interest in watching more of this – dropped.

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  1. klark permalink
    July 17, 2015 4:04 am

    A couple of yawns and ‘oooh’s’. Those are my reactions from God Eater’s first episode.

    God eater’s MC is dull. The action is dull. The setting looks dull. We got 23 minutes that screams dull. One legitimate positive thing I note is it avoided exposition which will further bore anime watchers. I am more on those who are in favor on the animation and the art though, it looks unusual so far.

    • July 19, 2015 1:00 pm

      I quite like the setting of God Eater, but just wish it was presented in a more interesting way – the unusual artstyle can only go so far in getting my attention.

  2. July 17, 2015 2:55 pm

    Taking your Anime suggestions! Hi Follow my Blog! :3

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