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Weekly Trash Update! 10

December 20, 2015


Day: We’re fast approaching the end, folks. Which trash show will triumph above all others? Hint: it won’t be K: Return of Kings.

Cara: Definitely not K: Return of Kings, but any of the others could easily run away with the crown!  Going to be sad to see this season end.

K: Return of Kings – Episode 12

[HorribleSubs] K - Return of Kings - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.02_[2015.12.19_20.12.14]

Cara: You know the whole thing about Fushimi actually being loyal to Munakata all along, and how Yata is still willing to risk his life to rescue him, would have been a lot more compelling if any of these characters had of gotten any meaningful development this season!  I mean the fight between Yata & Fushimi Vs Sukuna was pretty cool to watch, but because we’ve spent more time with Sukuna this season I found myself hoping he’d win since he was clearly the stronger fighter……was a touch disturbed when Sukuna was unceremoniously stabbed & flung down a pit.  Bit of a shite way for an interesting character to go.  Same for Iwa-san!  I knew Munakata would win the rematch with the Gray King, but wasn’t expecting him to flat out kill Iwa!  It seems clear now that Munakata is unlikely to survive the series – the burden of killing two kings will destroy him.

So I really enjoyed this episode on pure spectacle alone – I’ve more or less given up on the plot at this stage.  But the action is pretty cool – loving all the twirling about and flashy fight scenes, this is what I watch K for after all.  Oh and the gayness, which is kind of off the charts with Fushimi & Yata at this stage – suppose there is a very good reason that SaruMi is the most popular pairing in the show, even though both characters are obnoxious arseholes.

So last episode next week and we’re getting another round of Kuroh Vs Yukari and Shiro faces off against Nagare.  Should be pretty cool to watch at least!

[HorribleSubs] K - Return of Kings - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.20_[2015.12.19_20.07.45]

Day: Is this shit over yet?

In all seriousness, wow, uh, gee, sure is convenient how two of JUNGLE’s top fighters suddenly became crap at fighting. Sukuna went from kicking the tar out of Fushimi and Yata several episodes back to being incapable of handling the pair, even with Fushimi injured and missing his sword. Meanwhile, all that it took for Munakata to outdo Iwafune was to have the other Blues show up and block a bullet and shout about ORDER and PURE MOTIVES a bunch. Wanting to be one of the only people in the world with a monopoly on the power of the Slates is a pure motive? Suuuure.

I keep coming back to it, but, yeah, the politics. The whole spiel about how Sceptre Four isn’t REALLY beholden to the civic government was just another tick in the bad politics column. That its an idea so heavily reminiscent of the Japanese military in the lead up to WWII makes it look pretty bad. The shot of the prime minister being “escorted” by a member of Scepter Four was the kicker.

I am genuinely pissed about them killing off Iwafune. Dude’s basically the only character who got much development this season, and the revelation of his being the Grey King was the only time Return of Kings has managed to fire me up. This has been such a bad season!

High School Star Musical – Episode 11

[HorribleSubs] High School Star Musical - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.56_[2015.12.14_19.32.05]

Cara: Speaking of shipping – good lord the fuel for all the ships in this episode!  Hiragi continuing to look out for Otori’s team by offering them priceless work experience, Hoshitani’s infatuation with Otori leading to a spectacular duet, Kuga being super observant about Hoshitani’s moods & being the first to offer a consoling hug and Nayuki’s adorably teary confession to Hoshitani – this episode was just a glorious stream of brilliant moments.  It’s a sign of how good a show is when I’m this invested in the characters happiness.

We actually got two pretty wonderful musical numbers in this episode.  The first was with Tsukigami-senpai / Haruto nii-san showing the boys how a professional does things.  The PV was stuffed full with Prince imagery, establishing that Haruto is at the top of his game – song was actually pretty catchy too.  However it was the Otori / Hoshitani duet that really stole the show, as it encapsulated their relationship with Hoshitani finally stepping away from Otori to persue his own dreams of stardom.  SO GOOD!

In terms of the bigger picture, our boys have finally nailed their performance down only to discover the stage they’re meant to be performing on has collapsed in a typhoon.  I’m sure next episode will be filled with drama as they strive to find somewhere else to perform – no doubt aided by Team Hiragi to some extent.  I can’t wait!

Cara’s current Starmyu character ranking: Tengenji > Nayuki > Otori > Hoshitani > Hiragi > Kuga > Kaito > Tsukigami-senpai >Inumine >Nayuki’s sisters > Purple’s Playboy friend > Tatsumi > rest of Team Hiragi > Rest of Kao Council > Akatsuki

[HorribleSubs] High School Star Musical - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.51_[2015.12.14_19.37.20]

[HorribleSubs] High School Star Musical - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.15_[2015.12.14_19.38.48]

Day: Honestly, until the halfway point, this episode didn’t do much for me, and seemed weirdly-placed – taking pointers from the elder Tsukigami and learning a bit about the ropes from him struck me as more of a midway sort of episode. But the pair of scenes with Hoshitani and Otori, and Hoshitani and Nayuki, really elevated it.

Hoshitani being able to see Otori again and talk things over him was a smart move. It also allowed for some further character growth for our genki lead. I really liked how it was framed by Otori imploring Hoshitani to remember his dream, before asking if it’s just to stay by his side forever. The answer is – no. And that’s exactly what it should be, because Hoshitani’s come a very long way since he was bumbling around ignorantly. (It would’ve been nice, though, if our silly young man had finally figured out that Otori is the boy he saw dancing all those years ago. Guess we’ll get that next week.)

But the best part of the episode, by far, was the Nayuki confession scene. In fact, I think this is the best scene the show has had to date (and it could easily remain the best scene of the show overall). And I’m not saying that because ~hooray~ we got the BL (sort of). It was in how Nayuki calmed himself down about the upcoming performance, and then put his cards on the table. It’s a bit surprising to learn that Nayuki’s own motives weren’t entirely pure regarding Hoshitani, and that he’d been mentally calculating his own worth and abilities against the other boy. Of course, even more surprising was that they actually let Nayuki tell Hoshitani that he loves him*… less surprising was that Hoshitani’s response was a daft, “I like you and everyone else! I love Team Otori!”.

*Yeah, “honto ni, honto ni” “daisuki!”s him, so I know folks are going to pop up with the, “Excuuuuse me, he said he *liked* him, not loved him!”, but, yeah, ok, don’t kid yourself folks, this was a confession scene. Cradling each other’s faces and clasping each other’s arms tightly to their chests says confession scene. Don’t try to pretend otherwise.


Dance With Devils – Episode 11

[HorribleSubs] Dance with Devils - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.40_[2015.12.17_21.03.48]

Cara: I loved this episode.  Loved it.  So fecking cheesy, so fecking good.  I was in fits of laughter when we finally met the lord of the vampires (and Lindo’s Da – I knew it!) Nesta – everything about the fella was just ridiculous.  The throne room, the dobermans, the chained women at his feet, the condescending attitude – it was all so stereotypically villain I couldn’t help but laugh!  Guess we now know where Lindo gets his more aberrant personality traits from now.

The show finally cycles back to the opening scenes of episode 1 in this episode, with Ritsuka in that blue wedding dress and all the ominous chanting.  Nesta says he can extract the Grimoire from Ritsuka just by drinking a little of her blood, but somehow I doubt it’s that simple – especially with the OTT ritual set-up!

But the best part of the episode was the arrival of all of our devil boys to rescue their princess.  Somehow on-route, despite being extremely pressed for time and unsure of where the vampire’s castle was, our boys all managed to change into matching colour-coordinated outfits – like some sort of sentai idol group!  Ritsuka sure has a diverse and dedicated harem – 3 devils, 1 dhampir, 1 fallen angel and Cerberus all agreeing to work together and scrambling to save her.  Wonderful.  Their group number was pretty special too – have I mentioned that I love this show, because it is fecking glorious!

I’m super excited for next episode – just hope their is more excellent and cheesy singing involved.  You really should be watching Dance With Devils!

[HorribleSubs] Dance with Devils - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.36_[2015.12.17_20.58.22]

Day: WOW THIS EPISODE WAS REALLY STUPID. It totally outdid itself in terms of the stupid. THe boys all banding together despite their prior mutual enmity all around to go save Ritsuka? Quite silly. Them then breaking out into a song about how much they love Ritsuka upon arrival? Absolutely beautiful. Them being surrounded by flames for it was the icing on the cake.

Speaking of Ritsuka… well, on the one hand, I’m irritated with her for not being sharp enough to have figured out that the vampires were probably not going to treat her well at all. On the other hand, she is sixteen, and in the course of a few weeks she’s a. had her mom kidnapped, b. had her “brother” confess his romantic feelings for her, c. learned that devils and vampires are real, d. lost her best friend… That’s a lot to take in. It’s more comforting to think that I at age sixteen wouldn’t’ve been as gullible as Ritsuka seems to be at points here, but who knows? I wish she’d manage to grimoire it up, though, when Nesta was feeling her vein and prepping to bite her. Buuuut if they do let her blow everyone away with the grimoire’s power next week, I can probably overlook it.

There was one clever moment, though, in among all the foolishness. The mirrored door the vampires use to identify would-be intruders was a great little detail.

By the way, I love Ritsuka’s dress, but that cloth flower on her head just looks ugly and dumb. What the hell, vampires? I thought you were supposed to be stylish. Then again, one of you did spend most of the show wearing lacy panties on his face.

Seraph of the End S2 – Episode 11

[HorribleSubs] Seraph of the End S2 - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_22.16_[2015.12.19_23.20.17]

Cara: It’s all starting to kick off in Seraph with all the various factions and groups starting to come out of the woodwork and show their true colours.  Ferid has been working with Guren, Crowley has sided with Ferid, Krul had an agreement in place with Mahiru Hiragi (the dead girl possessing Guren’s sword), Kureto screws everyone over in the name of justice, Shinya & co decide to fuck it all and move to go get Guren back, Yuu & Mika are only concerned with Shinoa’s team & Guren and nearly everyone is after the power of Seraph of the End contained in Yuu!  Seraph sure loves its webs of deceit!

I kind of enjoyed how this episode was mostly spent firing out random plot-points about alliances and characters – Guren is half-demon and has two personalities!  Ferid has been feeding information to Guren all along!  Krul has some long standing plan hatched with Mahiru Hiragi!  Kureto is prepared to use his allies as blood sacrifices in the name of victory at any cost!  I’m really looking forward to seeing Kimizuki go batshit when he realises that Kureto is using his imouto as the basis for this horrific experiment.

Seraph continues to be a very entertaining mess to watch – looking forward to next week!

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  1. klark permalink
    December 21, 2015 12:48 pm

    Starmyu made me cry this week, seriously. That Nayuki/Hoshitani scene is just as effective as ones we saw in Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. Well, Nayuki got Hoshitanizoned.

    Other than that, I never thought that I am going to like our genki lead. Tengenji is the best girl but all of my emotional investment this week went to Hoshitani. His meeting Otori senpai again and basically doing what that the latter did years ago (chasing what he wanted and leaving the other behind) broke my heart. Well, it showed good character growth by choosing the performance over to be with Otori’s side for the rest of Hoshitani’s high school days. Count me sobbing.

    Starmyu, I really don’t know anymore if it’s my half fudanshi blood or it is a really good and sincere show. I am glad I picked this one so thank you.

    • December 21, 2015 9:20 pm

      Hoshitani has gone on a real journey over the course of the show – it’s been really wonderful to see him grow up and focus on his own dreams. And, god that Nayuki confession – my fecking heart! I say it every week, but I honestly did not expect to be suffering from Feels when watching Starmyu!

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