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Characters that made my year – Mikaela Hyakuya (12 Days of Anime: Day 11)

December 24, 2015


It’s Christmas Eve, so what better time to look back on all the suffering Mikaela Hyakuya from Seraph of the End went through over the course of the show?


Seraph of the End isn’t a good show. It is a very, very pretty show with a fun concept (who doesn’t love fighting vampires with demonic weapons?), but it is not a well written show by any stretch of the imagination. However Seraph of the End is incredibly entertaining and I’ve massively enjoyed watching the show over the course of the year. I do enjoy my trashy series after all.

It was a close call between the wonderfully witty Shinoa Hiragi and show whipping boy, but I went for Mika in the end simply because I absolutely love watching how miserable the show is determined to make Mika. All poor Mika wants is to elope with his dumb boyfriend Yuu-chan and live happily ever after far, far way from all this human Vs vampire nonsense. However the show has other plans – family murdered, he’s turned into a vampire against his will and ends up on the opposite of the divide from his beloved Yuu-chan. And yet Mika never gives up, no matter how grievously injured he may be, or how utterly idiotic Yuu is being, Mika continues to try to protect Yuu – damn everyone else to hell! I kind of love how broken Mika is and yet he continues to move forward – think I’ll miss Seraph when it’s over!


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