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Characters that made my year – ShinganCrimsonz (12 Days of Anime: Day 12)

December 25, 2015


Merry Christmas! I made it to the end (of course I’m massively behind on everything else I was supposed of have written, but whatever!). On this final day of anime remembrance, lets embrace the simple joy that ShinganCrimsonZ brought to every scene they stole in Show By Rock!



Show By Rock! was a series I was fairly convinced I wouldn’t really like. Based on a phone app by Sanrio of all people, it was a cute show filled with idols, kemonomimi and J-pop – not things I generally enjoy. However, it ended up being a really fun show to watch, mainly due to the visual kei band that stole the show whenever they appeared.

Yes ShinganCrimsonZ are the main reason I stuck with Show By Rock! I would absolutely love a spin-off solely focused on these adorable goof-balls as they try to make it big in Midi City while singing about how they like their ramen – that would be genius entertainment. Turns out it doesn’t really take much to make me happy!


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