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Tsuritama – 06

May 20, 2012

The pacing in Tsuritama is really excellent – just as I was thinking it was about time the plot started coming to the forefront, that’s exactly what happening in this episode; and I love this show more than ever.

Haru’s actions were of particular note this episode.  Coco had previously warned Haru against going to far out to sea lest he encounter ‘Him’ – and sure enough that’s exactly what happened this week, which Haru actually appearing to be possessed by whatever lurks in the sea.  Who ‘He’ actually is is still up for debate, but it definitely has something to do with the Enoshima mythos of the Dragon & the Goddess given the way that story is brought up repeatedly in the series.

One possible explanation could be that Haru has some connection to the Goddess in the myth as he sports a golden triangular halo while the sea god has a huge pink version, and Haru also exclaims “This is where we meet after 100 years!” when the pink halo first appears.  Haru’s behaviour in the aftermath of the encounter is also strange – he looks like he is pining for something/someone, and even Yuki says in a voice-over “I didn’t see Haru truly smile for a while after that day”.  Perhaps Haru is some sort of reincarnation of this Goddess?  The fact he is of alien origin makes me think that the Enoshima myth sprung up around a previous encounter with an alien & whatever it is that lives in the sea around Akemi – which also makes Yuki’s narration in an earlier episode that the boys will “save the world” make a bit more sense.

I’m quite interested in the way circles and triangles constantly appear in this show.  We have the obvious triangular halos that appear, but there was also a big red triangle on Ayumi’s radar when the boat passed close to Akemi, and then the repeated mentions of the Bermuda Triangle.  Circles and spheres appear a lot too – from Haru & Coco’s clothing & space ship, to the giant bait balls and cyclones of fish that appear throughout the show and Akira’s strange device that consists of two orbs circling a pillar.

I don’t think there’s anything much to read into this as it’s probably just a stylistic choice to give the show a more uniform look, but it’s little details like that which attract me to this show so much.  I also really enjoy how the boys got so tanned after a month on the boat (even if that is pointed out by Keito in the episode) and the way they’re constantly changing their clothes (with the notable exception of Akira, who is always either in his designated fishing attire or in shirt & tie).

I’m glad that Tsuritama is now spending a bit more time with Akira – he’s the last of the four central characters that need attention (Coco could stand to have some more development too).  Akira’s actions this week reminded me that he’s older than the rest of the cast – the way he took control when Haru was possessed, the fact he drives and his interaction with his superiors all subtly show that Akira does have  a bit of life experience behind him.  I’m intensely curious about his background and how he got involved with the Duck organisation – Akira is clearly itching to investigate outside of his designated remit of “observe the aliens” and can’t seem to stop himself from looking into the reported disappearances in the Akemi area.

It was interesting to see how Akira reacted when Haru started acting bizarrely after being possessed – whipping a gun out of his turban and then managing to get the boys & boat to safety despite being concussed by a taking a tuna to the face, all show that Akira is cool under pressure and quite capable of handling himself – I’m dying to find out just what brought him to this stage.

Overall this was an excellent episode, I can’t believe how easily the show transitioned from being a nice sedate show about the joys of fishing & finding friends, into a properly interesting supernatural mystery.  Tsuritama continues to impress – I sincerely hope it continues like this!

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  1. May 23, 2012 6:53 am

    Best moment and also biggest WTF moment Haru flipping out with the fish! LOLOL That was both epic and crazy at the same time…good thing Akira was around to calm things down.

    • May 25, 2012 1:11 pm

      Loved how Akira took control of the situation – I really did almost forget that he’s nearly 10years older than the other boys.

  2. June 13, 2012 12:14 pm

    Well, it looks like we’re finally moving on onto the saving the world part this episode! I think Haru’s big transformation just goes to show that he might not be as bubbly happy-go-lucky as he appears to be. Not only did he break his promise to Yuki of not using the water guns again, he did it without any hesitation at all. At that moment, he lost his logical mind and all that mattered to him was his encounter with that thing in the ocean. It seemed to me that he had actually used the water guns to simply get rid of any other distractions, which is truthfully really sad after whatever they’ve been through together – does he just view Yuki and Natsuki as disposable fish-catchers, only useful when he needs them to fish and help him accomplish his motive? I’m not too sure if the only thing inherently evil is in the ocean – Haru seems to have the potential to become the villain of the anime too. The way he simply cast his friends aside when the time was honestly despicable, and I don’t think I like him that much anymore. Then again, it’s usually characters that look so carefree and easygoing on the surface who have the really rotten personalities inside, so I should’ve expected it D: He was cute when it lasted. The weirdly dancing people on the boat at the end of the episode was probably also caused by him too, and I think at this point he’s willing to use anyone – even the people he’s been all buddy-buddy with since he moved to Enoshima – as a tool to get what he wants.

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